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Merairy = Mermaid + a Fairy
Hmm wondered why I have not updated my journal, well I just don’t feel like updating it right now due to the fact I am still settling and there are still idiots who thing the report deviation button is far better than the collection/favourites tools or even the new youtwitface sharing tools which I love but they really suck on a adult tagged deviation... cant even display my avatar for heaven's sake. Not just mine but anyone who has a beautiful arty piece tagged and censored to kingdom come and my will be done as it is in the heavens one day. Yes sensual stuff and nudity is a large factor of life the universe and everything , I only can do is but hope and your eyes open up to the light as I show them the light, but they poked there bloody eyes out, yes I am a little frustrated hyped up etc etc... and a jabbering idiot. And trying to explain that bondage suppresses the senses and is not sensuality .. ah anyway I still love you matter what, you still learning I suppose , so i sit down, get on my life do a few sketches and wait for you to catch up to the positive reality behind me, and if you fall, I will come down and help, pick you up and put you back on your feet if it is not seen as some whatever... thinking i am invading the policy or something , since one needs to understand that conformity is the opposite of consciousness and can be studied in more detailed and it is recommended to visit [link]

Anyway besides it all, i am tense hoping to find something to get on my feet since time is running out, and i hope to get something soon, but things point to degree and i have to use it.

Then the picture, It was originally going to be a mermaid, but i got carried away by an urge which I cannot explain to do a mermaid fairy being , something different something fun and something unique..

I hope you enjoy it, this is a gift to my friend in Finland in the land of Far Far away where all the snow elfies come out to play within the next two months.
Much Love and huggles
all the best, perhaps I might change my mind on a journal entry to which is dependent on you , yes you .you you you, beautiful you :heart:
if you missing the blue naked elfies, well it was cancelled and i gave you the update with one of my recent deviations which now is censored tagged, hidden by a ridiculous policy of stupidity of binary thinking and not quantum thinking of consciousness and understanding of sensuality.>

your fault if you car or not doesn’t bother me.... as long as you learning I suppose..
I apologise for being a bit raw here, but I am tiered, frustrated and fell exhausted against a system which you decided to flow on with which would or could cause your own doom, good luck, and have a beautiful day, remember think twice, before doing anything and secondly, good luck... and then lastly enjoy...
Much Love and huggles again



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