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Drawn in pencil (original paper and pencil image i slighter, darkened it to bring out the effect I wanted in Photoshop), and trying to follow :iconaramismarron: 's guidelines, hmm i just dont know how he gets it so photographic-perfect.. anyway..

drawn on plain paper, with plain HB pencils... wished i had lighter pencils to start off with and shading done with more darker ones.

I cant say there hasn't been an improvement, or has there? Don't mind is playing games with me But i was getting annoyed with shading in dark areas, since I wanted them to go darker, and so top layers were getting chipped of the paper, thinning the paper out, you can see this on Zanaria's ear (elf with long pony tail). The reason is, when drawing and shading, i forget my hand is on the picture, and it smudges the dark areas lighter,.. so i end up going over and over and over... then the paper top layers come off, no I did not shade through the paper ... yet, that's when I gave up... since i would have continued and the dark areas would have ended up with holes in the paper.

I need darker and lighter pencils, and better paper thicker so i can dig deep and shade deeper... this printing stuff is ...annoying, I made a few mistakes... not telling... lol

I work on my self portrait from photo tomorrow..

Oh about the scene, Zanaria and Zana (myself) the two elfies are in this forestry cave like place with plants, vines and living things.. and here is where nature lovingly embraces the loving elves
Its more meaning than event.

Nature is loving  if you love it...



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