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This on is a portrait of Layla a Raelian Freind on facebook, one of her photos was used as a reference to draw her.
this is gift art she requested.. :-)

Drawn in pencil and paper, lighting of parts was done by the eraser, which I sharpened or "plucked" to scratch out the pencil lead, as if using white-leaded pencils.

About the image..
The symbol or talisman she is wearing is the Official Raelian Symbol, it means:
<i>"The Above is like that which is below is the Star Of David, and the Swastika is that everything is cyclic, that the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top, and the origins of the creators and there sentients are similar and are linked. To get more accurate information in detail about the symbol, Its in the e-books Sensual Mediation and Intelligent Design on the Official Raelian website http://rael.org </i>
Then she has the words "Elohim" tattooed across her chest in the presumed Elohim style of text (not exact text, just its style) (Since Hebrew was derived from the Elohim Language.)
Then she has a space craft reflecting in her sunglasses, and she is smiling and looking up at her visitors..



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