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This one , well a sensual piece which I had done, well cant go much on the computer to update m y website and type the essay which I need to write, since I don't have my own computer, messages piling up as usual , cant keep up ,then a friend asks me to be an administrator of on on online forum , and it is impossible to do without my own computer even when they generous and its a nice offer, cant keep up with my own messages and to provide new ideas for your planet which in most cases gets ignore or dismissed as unrealistic lol. but perhaps its all for its best, and things may change as new data and information that would arise... Finding the truth is just but a major problem with anything, as everything exists as truth then the truth in tales and stories which are metaphors and symbols or words and descriptions of some kind of truth in some way, such as a moral of the story. Found some more information, which in turn has truth and tale as well , and the tales , well no one can really understand things such and its been going on so long when things went funny on this planet, understanding how things work ended up being mystical.. where the only magical feeling and seeing the functioning occurred with never the understanding on how on this planet did stuff work. Anyway the stuff that works in the current production-economical-political system in fact will not cope the growth of the population of the planet by 2011, as there is becoming less food, more people, and then greedy selfish people. Finding work from Southern Kama to United Kingdom, perhaps was thought to be easy, I am just wondering how saturated it really is ? Yup quite saturated as the people been telling me, you apply for a job, you the one in 200 that are applying, if you a bit more interesting, this is refined to 100 or 50 after they had sent documents , to be filled in, then refined down 20 20, then telephone interviews, then refined to 10 or 5 people and then an actual physical interview and then finally one person out of 200 applicants gets employed. What is your opinion on this system ?

Its all about saturation yet some people get things quite rapidly, how and why ? it actually depends when and how when you were younger how you interested with society, and how rich your parents were or are. If you are quite popular, you stand more of a chance in getting the training and support as well as the resources in which you need to reach the point. That is how some youngling as managed to get in early and then blossom to the eye of the beholder, which is important that parents should understand this about there children. Yes its your child, but you do not own the life of the child, protection at extreme can be encapsulation in the long run preventing the child from developing and starting off with life at an early age and developing the genius within them at a later stage, or even sooner than average.
The child is your child, but the life of the child is theirs not yours, in short. This is what happened to me on my existence of the planet so far, and you can learn from this. The child has potential, never encapsulate them from people because it violates your belief system.

Anyway back to the image, this was done while I was lying on the floor and my cousin's grand child the age came to watch and was fascinated on how things were drawn. Some how I am happy that she got the urge to start drawing, and well she tried her best, and she would like to catch up to me one day, perhaps she will, and she is already learning the violin, and an A student in her class.

One thing was she was quite fascinated with the walls of the structures in the background, as she understood without asking what the elves were doing as she seen my art before perhaps my writings as well, she said why are the walls of the room like that ? I said in response, its because many of the elves grow there own homes, they create it by programming DNA (genetics) to grow organic structures , and in there homes, it consumes there wastes, and as well grow fruits, vegetables and flowers for the elves, out of one plant-organism home creature or an organic living structure inserted into the metal nanotech ever repairing hull of the space ship. Then i explained what system roughly happens on this planet based on this video that the elves solution is a closed self restoring , replenishing system. Here is a lin k to a you tube video on the system that exists today and its many flaws>

Anyway she drawing a lot now.. :heart: who knows she could be the next best artist on the planet..

So you must be wondering why is it sensual tenderness ? Because tenderness is needed when something is sensual, not aggressive and abusive... which here these elves are tender and compassionate and loving towards one another and experiencing happiness.


Love, manifests beauty
Contentment Expresses Tenderness
Tenderness gets humility
Humility Creates Compassion
Compassion Creates Tranquillity.
Love Manifests Beauty
Love is Life and Life is Love.


Related video to symbolism of background imagery embedded in props, which i had received telepathically
explained from a crop circle



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