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This is the main character for my Lone Elf story design. I am just feeling very down and upset, seem to be starting up with the flue again, with crying and the runny nose, the mucus is burning my eyes, through my head.

This character's name is now Shali

The character is Intergendered, that they are neither male nor female, born this way, and this one managed to get through life where there parents had not done an operation at birth to enforce a gender on them, so the reason why this one becomes the main character is because they are emotionally stable and becomes a supporter for those who had been mutilated, and becomes a parental figure and an activist and support worker and then a passive loving leader and guide who allows others to take turns with there leadership, and a captain of the spaceship they build.

The story starts with this character when the country the character country living in the pre-apocalyptic era. The government has an enforced census on the people, to find out there gender, ethnic origins, religion and beliefs, there income, there jobs, there homes, there medical information, doctors, dentists , if they have pets or not etc.. and if they did not comply to fill in the census, they had been imprisoned... The problem is with it that even if the Intergendered people of that country on that planet selected a gender, they would be discovered through there medical records, even when not filled in, but through the doctor and national health system.

I am also going to do a character which had been enforced a gender and mutilated as well and had been , and how these two become close friends.



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