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The Dani Zana Code
This is an art drawing which can be the feminine version of "The man" by Leonardo Da Vinci.
This is a self portrait of myself , and the fairy wings idea came from the crop art of the "cosmic butterfly" or what I call it the "space fairy" My name for it never really got out since I am not well known, lol But the crop had a lot of myself associated with it, which is why I illustrate this in the picture, to help people understand what I am trying to say.

Some things in the picture are there but you would have to discover them, and I have explained things people and many dismissed me as "mad" or merely nonsense talk.

On the top you see a Saturn like planet and in it displays the flow of magnetic field, and the circles are in opposite directions or spins in the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. Then you see like cones, This exists in the theory of relativity of time-space. Then you see planets and molecules, and a space craft with a DNA strand going to the second planet... or moon, which doesn't look quite like a moon but a fruit (indicating intelligent design). DNA manipulation is the Fruit of Life. Then you see the main figure which is myself done up like the Leonardo da vinci drawing with fairy wings similar but not the same to the crop art, as you see cone structure graphs (indicating the two realities) and eyes. and two compasses. (describing magnetism as well). Then i have antennae with hearts on , pointed ears. Then the bottom wings have a pattern.
Then you see my symbol which correlates to Raelian symbol and Metatron's Cube with further coding and symbols, which has all the six elements, or platonic solids, Light-photons on top pointing up Fire/plasma on her left leg, Universe-electrons-positrons etc on her right leg, and then pointing down on her right is air-gas, and on her left is water-liquid, and the bottom triangle is earth-solids.

Here is some following up research to what the picture says ... its like it says it all and you blocked it ..

Dont step on a butterfly, else you would create destruction for yourselves... opposite and equal reaction of Karma.

"Even Adam was actually created a single hermaphroditic being, the biggest mistake of the Elohim was separating the genders (Eve and Adam) instead of making same partner...the result of it is domination, aggression, the atomic bomb.. and world war in 2013(95%prob)[60% Elohim prevention of it 2012].. this is noted as the "si...n" mentioned in experiment inscribed on the ancient Sumerian tablets, the completion and termination of experiment of the snake (DNA) occurs at the lamba Lion and the Lamb, Alpha Omega become one, Even Adam restored, experiment repaired.

Earth people experiment :

The implementation of design patch repair system of the DNA
"Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches. Some are readily understood while others bring subliminal messages that are there to help you trigger your memory of why you are here and the truth behind the illusion of reality. ..."

The transportation through space by vibrating the bodie's particles to reach the 6th plantonic solid that is light to travel faster than light through the 5th dimension.

The flower of life, the blue print of the universe, actually the infinite, as the infinite has an infinite number of universes.
More on the "experiment" creation of beings on this planet.

The butterfly effect, that is the altering of possible realities by estimating the future and try and correct things for the positive to lead to a golden age. CENSORING AND ADULT TAGS IS NOT. You stepping on a butterfly by doing that and shifting things for the worse.

Related to butterfly effect.
butterfly effect relates more to thoughts and dreams, the hour glass effect relates more to reflex decisions and actions and depends on how advanced your consciousness is.



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