The Hermaphrodite Elf Queen




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This is the Queen of the elves, beautiful isn't she ? The idea and pose I got from a magazine and decided to put it to use. Not the idea of the queen elfy but the idea and angle of the drawing. The Hermaphrodite queen as you know is the queen of the elves and she is has both as you know, as most of the elves are female, she holds the key to there population, and she will fall in love with every elf that exists. She has even known to seduce people outside of the elf races, weather they are male or female or both like her.
The elves have more than one Queen elf. This is one of them, this one spends most of her days inside her palace which is on an island on the elf home planet falling in love with all the elves she can meet. Sometimes she teleports to other places in the universe.


This was done in 2004 before discovering the truth about myself, that I had been born a hermaphrodite as well, which had been kept secret from me through the years. At the same time learning gender neutral pronouns for people who have none of the binary sexual orientation as well, where they are called , them and their and they, for the middle gendered person.



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