The Kiss of Infinity




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The Kiss of Infinity

(Arts Of Sensuality)

Not so far away from a close like home blue
To tailed elfies with patterns and a clue
Spent time together and Embraced Infinity.

One wonders how and where
Where the people blue came from.
Did they come from the star that flew ?..
In the star where the two elfies kissed
Huggled and dangled there tails tenderly..

The original image contains a purple glitter ink that had been drawn over or in the dark areas of the shadows of the image. When the picture is seen where the viewer views the art piece at front, they do not see the the ink parts, unless a light moves from the background behind the viewer of the art piece. Or when the picture is viewed from the side, the purple ink bits stand out. In the scanner, they came out and appeared like blue ink.

This is a gift art to a friend , one of the last pieces of gift art.. and when he looks at it directly and the ink reflects a light behind the artist... you never know.. it could be a surprise
Patterns on the elves.



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