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Thank you Crawling-meower :iconcrawling-meower: and Hagay Raelian
For the fixup of the Hebrew
Lotsa Love

When There Is True Love, Then There be true Peace.

Peace art for the Issues happening in the middle east, with the Palestinians and the Israelis, most of all the Israelis and Palestinians are Israelis and Palestinians themselves they are one nation, Israelistine, from the same origin... but divided, the only way to get together is stop arms , come together hold hands and learn to Love First, and once you learned to Love each other first, the peace would automatically follow.

I like the idea, but the pencils became very scratchy, very tiered, had not much sleep, since I had a pile of messages to reply, etc. i did this while a bit dreamy and half asleep, yes I did have a bit of an art-block this week, It is a bit rushed as well, as i now have 5 to do. I might do a digital version which might come out better.

This art isn't my style of art. I am more of a sensual artist... but its nice to experiment here and there.

This one was for Hagay Raelian on facebook...



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