The Elf Egg Machine




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This is some weird one I came up with , while so bored not having a computer to have, so I took out my pens and began drawing again this times its two elfies, well it did not come out as well as I expected it to be

Probably you are wondering what on earth this "shit" is all about.

Far, deep in the elf underworld is a lair where unknown to the Queen of the elves knowledge mass breeding of elves are occurring, in order to develop an army of elves to fight against the Dark Lord's Army, the humans, two alien races, and the mutant alien race that caused the Voyager's fate.

The underworld lab was produced by Christelle elf, she is known is the 666th elf that was born on the planet from Zanaria the Queen and another Dark elf who died in battle at the attack on the Dark Lord's planet at the Final Gate. She invites the elves to go underground and seduces them, and without known captures there birth cells , clones them and rapid development of elf clones occur. The young elves are not kept in there mummy's tummies but in hard shell organic eggs, which the young elves sleep for ages in them until they are activated to hatch...
Crazy stuff...
If the Queen of the elves find this out the eggs cannot be destroyed, but the lair has to be shut down and the eggs to be hatched and the young elves rescued, and Christelle wound be sentenced to 1000 years of space exploration completely alone in space without elf borgs or other elves to keep her company in search of a wormhole to a neighbouring Universe.



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