Life is Cyclic




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This one is for Miss P, for her for sensual healing when ill, with the philosophy of life being cyclic.

original artwork here: (deleted)
who has an awful virus, I promised her some artwork, but could not get into the 3D work, since my Aunt from the UK is here, and she talks non stop and doesn't give me time to do art, well This time I told her I needed this one complete, besides the fun thing with my Aunt here, she comes with me for UFO spotting, and yes we both seen them. But only in the distance, not like close like last week,... And I have a friend who watches me now and then :-) :heart:

This artwork had been submitted twice and then deleted as a policy violation when it had not violated the policy by a handful of individuals who go out there way and report artworks as a hobby. I have sent out a policy enquiry note to enquire about it and hopefully discuss with an admin that I can trust since there are two who don't accept me as a person, and have blocked me for no particular reason, which I have asked them for why in order to apologise.

 I am actually lost for words about my one artwork that was unfairly misjudged as a policy violation, which in fact is a gift art to  Miss P ( a founder of many communities, and administrator or co-worker of Of Artistic Nudes if I am right), since I felt the image would provide sensual healing, that is her own body produce the endorphins to help boost her immune system, with some natural remedies combined with her default medication with Love and compassion to help her improve, due to the fact of the virus she has, I have last heard her voice on phone for a week now. I do not know if she is alive still, I do feel that she has faded with my telepathy, and I do worry. I was very heart sore to have experienced this deviation being removed and she has not even seen it yet, where is your heart where is your Love and where is your Understanding?.

As you know those of you who watched me Know I am a Sensual being, and not entirely from this planet, and I have had slight increase in visits from offworld sentients and mostly Elohim. I have Joined the Raelian Movement [link] because my philosophy band beliefs overlapped there system almost identically and there's is complete where mine was mere inspiration of telepathy with Elohim themselves. The Elohim appreciate my artwork.

More information about myself and my life in order to understand me better is on my website. please read [link] also my previous journal entries that follow up to my discovery.
I personally feel that my rights as a person and a Raelian have been violated by these individuals, and misjudged Deviantart Policy Vs my artwork.

Oh I forgot I am not quite human, does this mean I fall out of the "human rights" ?

I promised a sensual artwork, this would help her produce some endorphins which would help boost her immune system a bit, also I recommend some honey.. Have lots of honey :-) not to much, but 3 times a day in warm water, and a touch of camomile ..
I hope you get well soon.

Then well what is this picture about anyway, yes its sensual elves (and no the ones you see are not doing oral, they kissing the bottoms) I done it on purpose like this to keep it in the TOS..

So what's the image about besides sensual elves that would make you produce endorphins, and your sensual emotions flow, its about Life being cyclic...

Yes those of you who been watching me on deviantart before the April 2009 Have discovered that I am different, that know things, and said things in my own philosophical way... and then in April 2009, I had discovered the Raelian Movement, and realized that from Rael seeing sentient beings called the Elohim who claim they have created humanity in there own Image,
It overlaps over my philosophies almost identical, but mine had missing pieces which i would have later discovered in this existence called Life.
I actually took a short cut in discovering the Raelian Movement.
Also many things happened, that I was frequently visited by the Elohim at a distance (4 m the closest) in there space crafts, as well as other sentient beings who wanted to take a peek at me, whether they creations of Elohim or not I don't know, or if they are the Creators of the Elohim I do not know....
But in the end who created who isn't really an issue, since we all family genetically at some level (Proof is in the Star Child Skull [link] (read scientific reports)) and the whole process is Cyclic, like my pencil drawing, where the idea was artistically illustrated that the Elfies created Elohim, then The Elohim recreate the Elfies again... and it was cycled and repeated.

Yes i know you question my belief in this stuff, yes You may as you have full right to, but this is what I discovered myself, and how I try and find out where I fit into all this..
However, I do feel hurt that I was right all the long, where I had been accused wrong... and probably still would be...
I wrote this to get my mind cleared and focus on creativity and art, and let it speak to the Planet.
If anyone has ears let them hear, if anyone has eyes let them see.. if anyone has thoughts, let them think...




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