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Well, this is supposed to be an inspiring piece, but hmm I am not happy with it because most of it was drawn in the moving bus and bumps  , actually it is a gift for someone who has the choice to accept or not, well and including many people

I had started doing it at about three in the morning, and then took it with me on the bus to London, to protest against the cuts.
This was my board I carried around.

I started off with the Sunderland group, and needed to go to the loo.. the ladies was a long queue, so I lost my local group I stuck with , since I get stressed and and suffer from emotional attacks when people try to discriminate me in regards to me being intersexed.. However, I got a bit lost and nervous and got welcomed to walk with the socialist and green party group, and the zeitgeist group... and stuck with them all the way to Hyde park, where I climbed the statue...
Then as time went by I got a little nervous as I could not find the Sunderland group

However i am not happy with this picture, and feel I had been bumped about on the bus too much on the way to London.. the background Is a bit of Hyde park actually where I sat on the grass, and someone was meditating near me.

So what is the idea of this picture and why it is supposed to be inspiring... Well first of all, the characters are intergendered/intersexed, and they holding a heart, with DNA coming down from it.. the idea I got when I was doing research on searching Intersex/hermaphrodite and the culture and history of art relating to the subject, to learn more about others like me and data,.
it goes on...

with the embedded symbol in the symbolic surrealism.



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