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This one is basically more of a reflection of myself, the artist, in context and appearance, where the the main character is what I should have been. This one is emotionally unstable, and had to live with the fact that they had there gender bits removed at birth, and had experienced tremendous trauma and abuse by the binary gendered society of there planet. When at birth, this elf had there vagina removed , which was discussed by the doctors and the elf's parents. Later in life the elf wanted to be female other than male, but parents refused, the elf got abused as a child, and left to live on there own, and lived life in a female role. However this character is known to be an active rebel (more naughty than myself) the character rebelled out of frustration... where i have no anger, this one has anger... and used to vandalize banks, corporation buildings etc and a strong socialist by nature... when the elf tried to look for work... by spray painting, even painting themselves nude and rolling over the money when they had broken into the bank, but never stole any money,.. just trashed the place. The character actually gets killed when the lone elves build the ship and leave the planet, and gets cloned back to life... but without consciousness transferral.. so begins there life anew, however they have vague memories that had been stored in the DNA, which become apparent in bad dreams.


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