.:: First Contact :: First Exhibition ::11/11/2011 ::.



Well the exhibition came and went, It has started on Friday at 6:30 pm and there were two people who came early while the exhibition had been still set up, but could not return to attend the event. I thank We'ar out for their support and hep in hosting the exhibition, and there were supposed to be an estimate of at least 20 people to attend the event as stated on the face book and only three people turned up. Another Intersexed woman and two taxi drivers and then two people who  work at We'ar Out.


I had actually managed to get the Free Energy Generator working , and made it compacted, as well as hybridizing it with a solar panel, unfortunately due to the mishandling of the battery and LED lights at the Occupation movement in Newcastle , the device failed to work, and needs to be re-constructed. I am actually planning to do a more reliable one, more compacted. Yes though it had been invented by Nikola Tesla, even though its my own re-invention of it, it is the idea that is the most important so more people can construct it, and improve on it. You know its like comparing the first light bulb to what is used today, in fact it is possible to make a light bulb last a centaury , but due to capitalism and greed, they are manufacture to malfunction over time so you have to but a new one.


There was no discussion as anticipated in the description of the exhibition due to the low turnout on Friday. I was rather upset about it and soon got over it over the weekend. Being an intersexed woman in a society that tends to discriminate, reject more than help is observable. An Elohim space raft did appear during the event and roughly at the correct countdown of the clock on this page, however the countdown clock is a bit faulty so it still counts down at random intervals revealing an infinite time of of the possibility of Elohim space craft visits. So the "Easter Egg" event of the Elohim pitching up did happen. It was a medium sized space craft and star shaped which glowed orange. I went outside then saw the moving light in the sky coming through the clouds and towards the We'ar out building and shouted "There is a light in the sky, there is a light in the sky... its a space ship!..." while returning indoors to retrieve my camera and take a video footage since it was well close enough to film nicely on my poor quality camera, and the people inside got my attention to look outside , but the Elohim had left. I really wanted to document/film and photograph the instance.


Photo of the little Flying Saucer Kris Heskett made for me with the left over chees from the cheese and wine of the exhibition to try and cheer me up ♥ Thank you Kris Heskett for hosting the exhibiton for me ♥




 There had been nothing at the civic centre at the gathering spot, and I was the only one alone there., but since it had been cloudy and started raining, it very much appeared like the civic centre as appeared in the painting "Wish for thinking". There had been blue light movement within the clouds but disappeared due to the lack of turn-up of people. I was very upset and I cried due to the poor turn-up of people at my exhibition of the 3 in total.


Saturday night I had the urge to go out and caught another, a small UFO most unlikely with no beings inside probe which parked in the forest. Including foreign text on the pavement of the civic centre which had been marked on in some unusual way with a resin poured on the pavement and shapes drawn out.


Inbetween External Easter eggs 12, 13th November::



Monday the 14th November I had a few more people attending the exhibition and the University of Sunderland came buy when I was not around and left me a beautiful comment about the work which has helped me feel better since I had received more discrimination and abuse from people in general, such as even helping anonymous and the Occupy Movement for a better life on planet earth, then having that help thrown back in your face with a bitch slap... http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Zananeichan , I would hate to see if this caused the result of Occupy Wall street Movement to end up the way it was.. since the Elohim were looking after the camps. More people came to attend the exhibition on the Monday, I feel perhaps if it was long enouph more people would have come to look at the art, but since it was not located at an art exhibition catering place the turn up of people may have been a bit more than expected. I would like to thank those who came for their love and support, since the main reason was not just to sell art but to have fun , and acceptance with exposing my work... the sales would have helped me with my bills and stuff but money stinks... hehe. The Exhibition closed on Monday Evening.






.:: Where ? ::.


We’Ar Out is centrally located, the office is ahead of you as you come off the Wearmouth Bridge and is opposite St Mary’s Cathedral.We'Ar Out!

 Unit 12, Bridge House,
off Bedford Street,





Special Thanks to my exhibition is still on and will be still on 11/11/2011,and is at We'ar Out and no longer at civic centre, however there would be a gathering afterwards in the evening at the civic centre at the back end for some UFO spotting, since it had been turned down from being hosted inside the civic centre, The Place/City Library (in regards to proposal getting lost), Infinity Arts, and Creative Cohesion has not contacted me.

Apparently, the proposal got lost, and was blamed that it was lost in the post on arrival to Washington Arts Centre..However, I can remember when I made my first enquiry and phone call that they had received and we discussed it on the phone, and they would come back to me when it I was set at the place or the city library on the basis of being the most convenient...  I feel that there is something up... and I can only conclude it had been deliberately lost on purpose, or logically it may have got lost within the changes and people losing their jobs in the budget cuts and it never got processed. During the process of waiting for the finalization of the exhibition there had been budget government cuts and this caused people to leave work out of the Arts Centre. During this time of waiting I had also been banned from deviantArt on the basis of prejudism, discrimination as well my protest against censorship of sensual and nude art, which also cancelled the processing of the exhibition. The proposal was in their hands, as they enquired when I phoned the third time about the banning and the construction of this website. This page would be changed and updated once the exhibition is set, also another obstacle is that I be going to court on this day in regards to my ESA benefit, with valid doctors results on my back and other things from stress and emotional abuse and post traumatic stress disorder.



The Free energy generator has been built, still trying to get it to work..:p


About the Exhibition
As a detailed sensual artist, my work is based on the concepts of sensuality and the synchronization of my six senses in an observable quantum universe. When compiling my work which may be of various mediums of choice. Expressing all of these six senses I manage to create into my work, where all of them can be experienced within the work of art by the observer of the art.

My work takes the form that challenges concepts and thoughts of present existing society, and expresses a common culture and philosophy that exists on possible planets yet to be discovered. Based on the quantum thought of consciousness, where many people are too afraid to examine or even think about due to the conformities, restrictions and intimidations that exist in this present Earth day society. My work focuses on the understanding of true love and its many branches, the meaning of life and its priceless value. It also includes ideas of  Spontaneous technology that has reached beyond the point of singularity in a world where money, greed and wars do not exist, where people, nature, science and technology coexisting in balance and harmony.


The artwork reflects the fact the majority of people live in a society, that is a prison, on planet Earth, wake up, catch the bus, go to work, come home, eat chips, wear clothes not because of unfavourable environmental conditions but because of dogmatic illusions of decency created by religion everyday, having no time to create, be themselves, invent, play, and give new ideas to help make life better for all where the menial mindless work people don’t enjoy doing just to pay to stay alive gets replaced by either robotics, nanotechnology and artificial organic life. The art brakes free from the dogma of enforced policies that follows the concept of binary True/False protocols given as strict orders with no quantum reasoning and openness and transparency,  focusing on beauty, design, elegance, tenderness, compassion, and empathy. Slowly as observed at this present day, information and freedoms, resources and needs get taken away by a selected few out of greed, in ratio to the growing population needs. Democracy in action is enforced on individuals that do not conform, in the illusion that is fair and democratic, when it is not. The only way to change is to wake up and do something, and to take risks and sacrifices which is what I am doing as an artist, so that others can be helped, and realize the system has made them slaves, not creative contributors to humanity, in the form of art, and inventions, which would evolve not only an individuals consciousness but the entire humanity‘s consciousness.

The art expresses a complete sensual outlook on the quantum universe which we live in illustrated by fantasy characters I call my elfies, and sensed with all the six senses and not only five in which society stipulates. Understanding the whole purpose of life and living as a sentient being, which is truly a conscious human being and not a slave to another person or anything and aware of others and living things and the respect and love for them all. The ground basis of culture and reason to exist and understanding what true love is and the importance of it is not only for creating a healthy consciousness, but its part of structure of Infinity itself.
The work focuses that spirituality is the science of consciousness, and that religion and dogma only stunts the growth.  In a quantum universe, quantum consciousness applies, just as much as the quantum mechanics of the quantum universe. These mechanics follow a series of quantum laws of Infinity in the form of geometry, aesthetics, sound, colour and vibration and entanglement. There are quantum forces of repulsion and attraction that occurs between tiny particles, and this energy, that can be called Vril through reference that this energy provides the insight to understanding the stuff of Infinity, and the ability to produce free energy.

This free energy would help Earth’s humanity to give the planet they live on to recover, but understand that the planet itself is comprised of complex systems which follow the ideals of free energy, such as the weather, geology, and even cycles that are shared between living organisms and non living things. Not only realising it to be free energy, but also provides the ability to explore the stars, with no need to colonise or exploit other star systems and inhabited planets.  Quantum entanglement is very much a new science and technology that at present is used as data transmission in information systems, and it shows how everything is connected in a spectrum no one can see, and how it can explain the science of telepathy as well as reaching point A to point B faster than the speed of light, in the form of wormholes, teleportation. I found that art can explain this quite well with emotions and feelings experienced from all inputs of the senses and as well shared in the same manner.




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