The Art Studio Oriental Museum Exhibit






Sunderland Art Studio and all the members would be exhibiting individual and group based artwork at Durham Oriental Museum.





The Art Studio : A Raging Success



Durham Oriental Museum teams up with mental health charity to create its latest exhibition



The Art Studio: No stigma attached




 The pieces that I have done is Oriental Extraterrestrial, Synergies of Diversity, and have contributed a ceramic hand in the group project.



Oriental Extraterrestrial
Oils on canvas
Danielle C Lamb 26/07/2014

The idea the extraterrestrials misidentified as gods, have the consciousness and intelligence to create an artistic paradise, where their technology blends and coexists with nature and with sound meditation with using frequencies expressed in Paleo-Sanskrit symbols played by instruments.



Synergies of Diversity
Oils on canvas
Danielle C lamb 01/12/2014
Continuing the idea idea of extraterrestrials mislabeled as deities, They came down in ancient times in flying Vimanas , whee they have the consciousness and intelligence to create an artistic paradise, with technology coexisting with nature, utilizing light as a source of all matter, utilizing sound and meditation with togetherness and diversity.





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