Printing Sales and Prices


These are the printing prices and sales for digital and other than paintings that are sold during the exhibitions and in between the exhibitions. Please note due to the problems on being banned from deviantArt on the basis of discrimination and intimidation, printing at the moment is only through Sunderland. Prints of my digital work which are freely available to download  online are for sale via local printing services at the moment., which can still be ordered online by traditional means through here.

Prices of Prints of the Digital etc work


Via prontoprint

                                                           *A4: 2           

*A3: 3

A2: 25

A1: 35

Via Max Spielmann (Photo Expert)



100 (Buy 1 get 1 half price)


20:30 = 20 (framed = 32,60 )

20:16 = 13 (framed = 20,50)


To order please provide  the name of the artwork, and contact me

catalogues for Digital and Photo Art and Drawings