Exhibitions&Events of Future , Present and Past


Entry to exhibitions are free, paintings and sculptures are most likely for sale for income and charities (if requested). Certain items (expresses the Raelian philosophy explicitly and not discretely) for Raelians would be given away, raffled for free between them If the ratio between Raelians and selected art items is more people per artworks. Prints of my digital work which are freely available to download  online are for sale via local printing services at the moment., which can still be ordered online by traditional means through here.

(not available yet)

Second Exhibition :::: Second Encounter

(future event)

:: Unknown ::

more surprises and "Easter eggs" ... flying ones perhaps..


The Art Studio :::: Oriental Museum Exhibit 

(starts 12/01/2015- *)

:: Durham Oriental Museum ::

....The Art Studio of Sunderland would be exhibiting work of various individual and group artworks at the oriental museum with an oriental style in mind....


UK Erotic Arts Festival Edinburgh :::: Cosmic Orgasm Painting

(started: 11/06/2013, ended : 16/06/2013)

:: Edinburgh :: Itsy Art Gallery ::

My Oil Painting was dropped off at Edinburgh UK Erotic Arts Festival, Itsy gallery closed, Itsy moved to London, painting may be lost or claimed by someone else or Itsy has treasured it, don't know. Crop Circle created on day my painting was accepted into the gallery.

First Exhibition :::: First Contact

(started: 11/11/2011, ended : 14/11/2011)

:: Sunderland UK :: We'ar Out ::

Medium sized Elohim space craft was present at event, but undocumented, click link for more details about the event (write up being processed).