Journals and Blogs and Live Art and Music Streaming

"Where I am more or less on the interactive planetary library called the Internet" :- Zana 

The Internet Unfortunately  is actually in decay due to the rise of Trump and Brexit,

Money has been made more important than the content/art/music people create and share

Content Publishers like Disney etc are taking all the monopoly, thus suppressing most new original content and ideas from individual artists

Anything culture-wise is getting trashed and full support/backup seems to be for cyber bullies and trolls.

The very measures of security to prevent online abuse is being used as a tool of abuse.

Such as report sporting false reports, which then get analyzed by AI on keywords only , banning people for nothing.



I am back on deviantart, but with conditions, and cant access my old account anymore, but you can find my huge stock collection by clicking this link -> . If you need to access the stock  photos you can do by clicking on this hypertext. And get the stock from the creative works of artists who used my stock. Does Not Work Anymore... my old stock and work is forever lost on that site, it would take some time to find at least some of them. Link of old archived art
Newgrounds Page Where I upload my best recent quality ORIGINAL work created from scratch ,art,music).
My Refined Art Blog Like my Tumblr blog, This one only displays ALL finalized work, before ending on this website.
My Lush Artists Page Where I upload my recent best quality sensual artworks and social network with hentai artists.
Fur Affinity Page Page where I upload recent work and music.
Youtube Channel Videos covering info about My Own Music Videos, ETs,  vlogs, art ,protests,  music,  my cat, etc...making a statement about life on this planet.
Twitter Main account got banned for political reasons, and the baddies won and Brexit UK is totalitarian . So left with my art account, and status updates , very few news posts compared to original ...
The Cosmic Elf (Pillow Fort) Tumblr Replacement:  Have not been active much here, due to the lack of convenience in uploading photo WIPs via an app...
Fetlife Page Where I upload all my recent sensual artwork not strict on quality, on this social network.

Think Athiest Profile

My Profile "Space Cadet" on an Atheist Social Networking site.


(Pages I don't Update Anymore, for reasons such as methods of work has changed, people are stupid, or they don't work, or the password system has fucked up and locked me out)

The Sunderland Art Studio The art Studio closed down due to lack of funding and government cuts, and drama between the staff. The IRL place for me to do art without any distractions and some social interaction is now over. This is the worst recent thing that could happen in my life..
The Art Studio Blog The Art Studio's blog with updates WIPs, happenings and things. Depressing to see the art studio end up here.. in the dead space.
My Orfium Music Profile

Here is where I also upload my latest Music, Unfortunately Sound Cloud forces me to delete old tracks and tries to force me to PAY to keep the old tracks, when I SHARE MY MUSIC FOR FREE for the people of this planet to enjoy. You can also Download Them to your devices. Website doesn't load my profile... and it appears they censor it with a blank space... my music is still there.. but not easily accessible... and Uploading is deliverately broken. They have reverted from hosting music to be clowns of the copyright circus Orfium "Music Rights Management & Monetization Solutions" no longer a Sound Cloud Alternative... anymore. Its more about money than music now... :(
The Cosmic Elf (tumblr) Tumblr just Trashed my Blog, so now its dead (if you have Tumblr account, you forced to log into it, else its invisible from general public, and Theme is destroyed including my mug-shot photo as a user icon)
Live Streaming Page Its Completely Dead after website changes it's shit, they deleted me in the process ... Where I stream a live video broadcast of me doing artwork,LIVE STREAMING , Hardly use this, unless by request, since I work on multi-platforms it is awkward , more than one Operating System , computers and devices (iOS sketching, Windows tweaking, and in OSX most of the work ) I use iPad+Astropad+Styluses now instead of Wacom Bamboo, since it is a cheaper than buying an onscreen WACOM tablet.
Zwitterelf Wordpress Here I share videos and my own thoughts, spiritual, philosophical ideas in my own words, dont use anymore, I have shared things, but people don't listen or understand, thus I decided that this is pointless. Perhaps I let my art speak, people are stubborn like shit sticking to the carpet...
My Space Music Profile Where I upload my music (old music) Cant log-in there anymore, hence why I cant update.
Elf Wood My elf wood gallery, come here now and then..., stopped uploading when censorship (religious moral delusions vs nudity and sensuality) was introduced.