Writings and Poems

"My voice, my stories, my thoughts, my tutorials my philosophies in alphabetical order and not time" :- Zana 








Basic Planetary Bill of Human Rights for Earth The Nuclear Daymare Amrun quessir Bits and Pieces
A Poem For Sabine Arts Of Sensuality Away from dungeons and dragons
Beware of the Empire... Earth Beyond Quantum Thinking Come Fly With Me
Dear Flowers Of The Universe Delecia Description Of Zana's Elves
Elvin Tears Freedom How do You See the World ?
How many have been cast away ? I Am I am a Violation to Humanity
I Love You With All My Heart I LOVE YOU FOREVER Innocence VS Ignorance
The Life Of a Starchild on Earth Love is A Work Of Art My Pain
No To War What You do Makes Tomorrow Of Tits Nipples and Stupidity
To The Painful Hearts Of China Poems scribbled on Desktop Poetry Overload: Love, Life
The re-occurring Nightmare A Short Story Silent Tears Crying
Skinning Tutorial Strange Text Teaching me - You Have Thought
Thanks to Yahweh and Elohim The evanescence of suffering The Hell Of My Existence
The Living Policy Violation The Never Ending Hurt The People Of The Shadow
The Scars The Sound Of Love The stars So Bright
The Unbearable Silence The Undead Princess The Wheel In The Sky
Hello This is Me Can you See ? Thoughts on Art and Society Thoughts On Elves
Through Their Eyes Today Is Not The Tomrrow Tosspots
The Pendulum Of Power    
Us Elves In Love Why ? And Why ?
Operation Pantaloom Sky Clad Sad Planet
The Inner Churning Ocean A cry for Hope and Freedom A little Poem