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Before My Derpy derp about myself the interterrestrial with a lost cause with a shit life with PTSD from childhood and reoccurring nuclear nightmares that start off with Brexit, which is now current.. I decided To share the ET Contact Tool For FREE, on  this page, on my website. This shit should never be for sale, this should be shared for the advancement of human consciousness. Money is irrelevant in the cosmic scale of things, and extraterrestrials perceive money as a primitive hurdle at the moment in earth humanity's progress to thrive as a space faring nation. Such cloning, stem cells, robotics, anti-gravity and robotics and AI exist on your planet, but not everyone can use it, because it restricted to the few. People are forced to die, get sick because the value of money had been made more important than their very existence and consciousness.



There is no time for profit over contact, when planet is on the brink of WW3 and self annihilation. There is so much hatred and misunderstanding, ignorance and hatred towards the Extraterrestrials/Elohim/Star People in the media, social media and much more. There is a saying "Seeing is Believing" since people would rather believe in a God , than understand about the existence of people on other planets. People in modern days have in increased their disputes about the existence of planets, with "flat-earth" beliefs becoming more popular than ever. With the advancement of technology and science, the competition of ignorance and stupidity equally grows with the recent outcomes of Brexit and Trump becoming president.








There is no time to fuck-about with money. Dr Steven Greer has created a successful but crude tool that assists in extraterrestrial contact, by using states of consciousness that interest extraterrestrials to come closer to humanity, which would be beneficial in the greater perception of Earth's relationship with their neighbours. Unfortunately one would have to buy this tool, while the TV is pumped with fear and hatred towards extraterrestrials in the media for free. There is a way to turn the tides around, that is providing free access, the exchange rate of poorer countries make things impossible to purchase. such as $1 may be 10 whatevers to 100 to 1000s of whatevers in different currencies. The majority of device users on the planet use android.


I have purchased the android, and iOS versions, and recycled and renovated my old android phone as a barebones device, but also increased it's storage to 32GBs. Since I had purchased it on the Play Store in the past, re-installing and using it gave me issues with licensing crap. Desperate times desperate measures money is irrelevant.



This tool, when more people use it would pave the way for better understanding of extraterrestrials, that they are not a threat, and merely observe the life here advance , because they designed, programmed live to develop/evolve as it is what it is today on this planet. When there is a better understanding of extraterrestrials, a better future is possible, a better relationship and understanding with interstellar neighbours is established, and the possibility and urge for an Extraterrestrial Embassy becomes a reality.


What also urged me to do this was also blocked by Greer's twitter account when suggesting information should be free and open source when releasing the latest movie Unacknowledged , and also correcting him that a God does not exist when commenting on this image:

commenting on this image, with this image and my video:





To download the ZIPPED Android Version of ET Contact Without any Bullshit and Greed, for Free.





If you have problems installing here is a useful guide







Well due to having issues with people, and problems I have been having on the Internet, giving to much information about myself , hoping that it would promote understanding and people get to know me, be friends whatever, but people used it to hurt me and more trauma to my life..., By using it to ban me from websites and social groups and so on, and get bullied according to the information I had been open about myself.  So I have removed the Biography information about me.. as I would just like to be remembered by artwork, not my struggles and life traumas... But I would share a bit which I had done in mail art form.


"Torn from between worlds"

Is the title of the work, and this work depicts memories most people would say are unusual or science fiction. For me they are real, and the best memories to base my work on, since my other memories exist of being abused by religious extremist parents in childhood, who tried bring me up the way they wanted with their religious mindest and ideals. I had been the blacksheep of the family and always an oditity as I had been born with both genders but surgically altered to what gender they wanted me to be.

My extraterrestrial visits lighten up and make my life interesting adding in mystery and fantasy into the mundane drama of day to day life, where most mornings waking up to live a day, felt like punishment. I always wish them to take me away , but they never do, because I am an experiment , a creation of theirs part of studing the culture and what life is all about on planet Earth, to make a conclusion if Earth people are ready for open public contact or not, based on the way people treat me, as i do not look like normal people in society.

peer 1 ? Thanks for making such an amazing work of mail art. I am enchanted by the personal stories as well as the visual narrative. Although the story is really personal, the artwork is a creative interpretation of memories which may be shared by the viewer by the extraordinary way of storytelling. The work speaks for itself as a visual narrative and I definitely love it!

peer 4 ? Your creativity is astounding. I could see a potential here for a graphic novel and ability to relate the story. Your choice of colors was beautiful and other worldly along with the fascinating symbolism. You have no need to conform to any ideal but live out your creativity in what ever life you chose, only be true to yourself and do no harm to others. Please continue to explore your creative abilities.




This is the front of the Envelope, depicting me and Anananiah, my star mother, showing me holograms of planets and star charts in my bedroom while seated on her lap, Ink black&white to indicate past memories slowly fading, even though I remember colour.



The back of the envelope, in colour. The flap with Anananiah's space craft which visits me still now and then, but no close contact like on front. Exotic symbols on left emphasizing to change future with art. On The right, a hexagram symbol, the shape the spacecraft left with six circular burn marks in the grass open field next door where it landed to where I was living at 11 years, which is now built up.

The bottom part starting from left, depicting Religion a problem to my life where earth parents forced me to live the gender they wanted (male) when i was born with both, but wanted to be female. A wormhole Anananiah traveled through. Large exotic text which means "Design Intelligent" I connecting symbol in middle of wormhole(as i am torn between worlds like Avatar, without remembering the life on each). On right, a heart shaped flute I played given to me to play by another extraterrestrial people, who were curious about Anananiah.


A foot cast that I had made of Anananiah's footprints by my earth parents who thought Anananiah was an angel in regards to their religions belief and understanding. It was very sentimental to me, and It was meeting Anananiah, I started doing art and she was an Inspiration. Because my art reflected the life and culture of Anananaiah, which was very much sensual and controversial for a 11 year old to draw. The foot cast was confiscated , and their perception of Anananiah moved from angel into demon and she was an agent of the devil. I was devistated. They kept it locked away in the laundry, and when we moved town, it got conveniently lost. This was the only real evidence I had about Anananiah. The DNA samples is that indicating my "race" is unknown to the known on Earth, because of my hybridization. Under this "foot cast cardboard replica " insert has a star route between Earth and Ananaiah's planet.(Not Available)


And from that experience, I have had continuous extraterrestrial experiences of different star cultures and star peoples especially the ones who bio-engineered life on this planet, who help me retrieve the memories about life, the universe and everything including the basic science how to fly back home, but don't have the resources to do so.