The beaches of Asuria Narah




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Thick Oil Paints on Wood..
The beaches of Asuria Narah, the home planet of the rainbow space elves, an amphibious people. The vast stretches of of purple beaches and green,blue purple vegetation, and turquoise oceans of bright blue bioluminescent plankton. The two planets orbit the two bodies actually orbit around a common center of gravity somewhere between them like Pluto and Chiron , The large being Asuria , and the slightly smaller one being Narah. Both are Island jungle worlds. The two planetoids share one single rocky moon like Luna , which orbits them both in a figure 8 orbit, around the two mother planets.
The meaning of Asuria , is divine
The Meaning of Narah , is happiness
So the planetary system is called Divine Happiness.


This Oil Painting on Wood is being sold minimum for 3000 at the Art Studio. The reason why it costs so much, or valued to that amount of currency as a starter is because it is one of my rare pieces. Oil Paint on wood is not really common as oil on canvas. It is quite a mission to move and carry around, and the costs of transporting it would be included in price locally (UK). Anything outside UK, I might have to increase it to transport it if it gets sold, its so huge and heavy.

(I need to update this page with exact dimensions)


The money received of this painting would go towards:

1) The Sunderland Art Studio to keep it running a while longer, I am worried about it closing  with all the government cuts which includes cuts to charities and NHS disability and mental health resources.

2) Paying off my credit card. Greed of the bank, and interest is starting to get unbearable in the minimum monthly payment bills reducing my freedom to do things. I would go crazy if I cant pay a quarterly electric/gas bill, and they install a prepaid system, and it runs out in the middle of the night if I am doing some artwork, since my PTSD causes erratic sleeping patterns.

3) Getting a second-hand iMac or creating a custom Hackintosh PC. Specifically compatible with OSX Mavericks (Late 2012-Late 2013)(I am incompatible with the latest flat design versions of OSX because of cognitive and mental issues with flat design in general) or even better to get components in building a Hackintosh PC. This would reduce the wear and tear on my Macbook Pro, and reduces risk of not being able to do art, if the Macbook Pro should break down, and also the iMac/Hackintosh would livestream smoothly, without causing lag in drawing, with the livestreaming app running after a period of time, as memory gets used up as I add more layers to my work.









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