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This is a portrait of an Eloha (plural = Elohim.. One Eloha, Many Elohim), who is of the common humanity involved with creating life on planet Earth whom Yahweh is a part of as well who gave Rael the messages which they can be downloaded at It is recommended to read about them from Rael's website The picture had been based on this photo, someone took as well as self experience of my visits. Elohim = Those that come from the stars , and the term does not indicate a particular "race" or humanity best spoken, of people from the stars...but a generic term for "Those that come from the stars.." same as Ananunaki, is not a celestial group or "race" of lizzard people as proposed by the nutty David Ike, but the term referes to "Those that came from the stars.."NOT "Those who fell from the stars." as what exists in misinformation.


Please note there has been a misunderstanding about the information I share. Elohim is not God, neither is Eloha. God simply does not exist. The use of G-D does not mean god , it means to refer to original document/text. 



Elohim(ETs) seeded Life on planet earth



Some people are so daft they don't get it... so let Me be more simple...


I have explained that Eloha (singular) is extraterrestrial, one who comes from the stars.

Elohim(plural) are extraterrestrials, those who come from the stars. Elohim is NOT a race of extraterrestrials, its purely an ancient Hebrew word of extraterrestrial... direct translation is "lofty ones".


Allah in other words is misinterpretation word originating from Eloha(ET), a singular of Elohim(many ETs) *


*ET = Extraterrestrial


I had to include this in, because people were reading this page wrong, and then referring a link back to this page of my painting. I just get frustrated when people misinterpreted what I say, not sure if it is done because of their beliefs, but seriously they need to understand rather than believe.


Note This is not my text, but a copy-pasta study/research of someone who studies ancient texts indicating that Elohim is plural, and Eloha is singular...


Les extraterrestres dans la bible

Really singular plural!

T he Bible is for Jews, the sacred book that Moses received on Mount Sinai God’s hands. It tells how the earth was “created” and what happened since then to humanity through generations. God is always present.

God, or more precisely ELOHIM in the Hebrew text.

So what does this word that the Bible commentators have accustomed us to translate into French as “God” in the singular, as the Hebrew word Elohim is a plural. This is the plural of “Eloha”: “He who comes from heaven”, “the Celestial”, “extraterrestrial”

So Elohim means “those who come from the sky”, “the Celestial”, “aliens (Outside the Earth’s atmosphere, living assumed from another planet).”

Sometimes the Hebrew text uses the word “Adonai” instead of “Elohim”. And scholars of the Bible translated yet “adonai” by God or Lord. What is strange is that the word adonai is also a plural! It derives from “adon” Lord. In Hebrew, the possessive is singular adon “adoni”, which means “lord” and the plural possessive “adonai” means “lords”.
It is really strange that the Jews - only monotheistic people of antiquity, chose two plural to designate their One God!

We are told that it is plural of majesty. Absolutely not! (Remember, the plural of majesty, politeness does not exist in Hebrew.)

For the Hebrew text also sometimes used: “IHVH” whose translators fired “Iaveh” or “Jehovah”. But “IHVH” is not a word in Hebrew, but a French acronym as “CFF” or “SNCF”.

IHVH letters are the main four Hebrew words:

"Aya, Hove, Fri iéhié" I - H - V - H, which means: "He was - is - and - will be" is the symbol of eternity.
Not to embarrass complications, the translators of the Bible,
Christians and Jews, we give the three Hebrew words:

"IHVH", "Adonai", "Elohim"

In a single form in French:


Is it certain that these three terms are synonymous?
A more accurate translation of the Bible allows for doubt.
Indeed, when the translators of the Bible speak of “Genesis”, “creation” (the Hebrew text calls more modestly: “Bereshit”, “The Beginning”) - they say:
"The earth was empty and desolate,
The darkness reigned upon the face of the abyss,
And the spirit of God hovered over the waters “(Genesis 1:2)

Ha-ve arets dAieta Tohou will Bohou
Ve toshékhé al-EINP TEHOM
Ve rouah Elohim merakhéfet EINP al-ha-Mahim

This is a very beautiful picture, very poetic, the spirit of God hovering over the waters ……. But the Hebrew text simply says:
"Ve rouah Elohim merakhéfet EINP al-ha-Mahim."

Ruach is the wind! And merakhéfet verb means: trembling, agitation. So instead of: And the spirit of God hovered over the waters, we get “The wind of Elohim tossed on the surface of the water.” We see, we are far from a quiet immaterial spirit hovering on the surface of still water. It seems that we are rather in the presence of an object (device, UFO Helicopter) that it moves in the air, and with the breath, the wind causes it, is to agitate the surface water .

It is confounded by the fury that put the Bible scholars of all faiths, to translate the Hebrew word “Elohim” is a plural, by God in the singular, as though the Bible from the beginning and up in the end, makes no mystery of the “plurality” of Elohim. When Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden of Eden, the Earthly Paradise, says Elohim? ….

Behold the man has become like one of us! (Genesis 3, 22).
Hebrew: ha-Adam Hen ke aya Akhad miménou!

Who is he if other Elohim? Because he did not say, talking to himself, Behold the man to become like me! Either that: …. We like to, if he had used a plural of majesty (Remember that the plural of majesty, politeness does not exist in Hebrew) .. He did say: ….. as one of us.

But there is better!

Three chapters just below, the Bible tells us: When men began to be many on the surface of the earth, and daughters were born to them, the “B’nei Elohim” found that the daughters of men agreed their and they took wives for all which they chose (Genesis 6, 1-22).

The Hebrew text says: “B’nei Elohim”, the Catholic Bible translated by the son of God, the Bible translated Rabbinate by the son of the divine race and the American version, the Protestant, the son of the true God . None of the three translations not mark any surprise at the mention of the son of God, son of divine race, or true son of God, who appears for the first time in the sacred text. It is, however, the first breach, and what size, the thesis of the One God! By this translation, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant therefore concede, and how could they do otherwise, that they were wrong to translate God, which in Hebrew is called Elohim, is not single of its kind.

THERE was - we saw - the Elohim, the son of Elohim, and therefore women of Elohim. The Elohim mate and give birth to children. Better yet! The Elohim, the son of Elohim, are not immune to the beauty of the daughters of men, which proves that their tastes are similar to ours! And couplings between Elohim and women of our planet are possible, says the Bible, and undoubtedly fruitful. Most religions of antiquity mention, moreover, specifically the existence of the demigods, the son of a woman impregnated by a Eloha.

The plurality of Elohim, the Bible gives us many other examples. Among other things, tells us when the interview between Avram and Elohim came to destroy Sodom

Avram was sitting at the entrance of his tent in the heat of the day. Looking up he saw three men (Shelosha anashim). He ran to them and bowed against earth. And he said Adonai (lords), if I have found favor in your sight, do not pass well to thy servant! We go get some water. Wash your feet and rest under this tree …… (Genesis 18: 1-4).

As could realize from reading this passage the Elohim are three: And Avram is no mistake! What are the Elohim. He worships them and called Adonai, my lords. My Avram sees three characters as a single entity, all tu or vous the group either.

However, the Elohim, the aliens, the Bible has even called “anashim man” are not pure spirits. After a long walk they need to cool your feet (you walk in sandals in biblical times), they aspire to rest and eat.

For Avram added:

I’ll bring the bread, you fix your strengths: And making good measure, in addition to the bread, he prepared for his guests a tender and fatted calf, cakes, cream and milk (Genesis 18, 5-8 ). A never seen you on sensitive terrestrial nourishment God and the fatigue of a long march?

Few chapters, and the Bible describes for us the little son of Abram, Jacob, son of Isaac, drowsy. He sees a planted earth whose top reached to heaven scale.

And qu’aperçoit it on this scale? Elohim ascending and descending. (Genesis 28: 2-3) We must admit that there is in the Bible, a IHVH hand, and secondly, the Elohim, the Celestials, the coming of heaven, aliens, whose plurality is asserted by the sacred text itself.

Back on the word “Elohim”, placed at the beginning of the first sentence of Genesis … it is the case that it is “essential”. Its contracted form is “El”, the singular “Eloha” (or “Eloah”) and “Elohim” is itself a plural … undeniable, inescapable, because in this case, Hebrew suffix “im” may mark the plural. should also remember that the plural of majesty, politeness does not exist in Hebrew.

It is so true that if you say in Hebrew “Elohim” is a tautology would must use the word “Elohim” for short, without the article “the” before it to turn it into plural. In Hebrew we can not say “Elohas” to express that designates more than one “Eloha” this turn does not exist, it simply says “Elohim” is in this case the only way to express a plural.

It suffices to find confirmation, take for example the Larousse dictionary, 1965 edition, the definition of this word can be read: “Elohim,” the Hebrew word (…) el or plural Eloha … ”!
Thus, the word plural - the central entity of the Bible - designating creative entity (one could say that the word “called” creators), is indeed a plural perfectly defined, which means an entity separate individuals … in other words, the word “Elohim” is a people.

But why, in Christianity, the Papacy was she dismissed, replaced by another? Why Judeo-Christian institutions have accepted them, too, that the literal meaning of the original term has passed, replaced by a sense quite different, why? Good question, which takes us on another site of the same Webmaster

That the love of Elohim guide you.



 Other synonyms of Elohim are NETERU (almost pronounced like Neytiri in Avatar) , which is the Egyptian name for the ANUNNAQI where Ananunaki derived from.


This painting now has been given to the Raelian Movement (UK branch) as a gift of Love.






  Elohim is the term used in Ancient Hebrew, which has been censored by the word "God". "God" has been a word to censor many things, such as the physics, geometry etc of the universe, Infinity. El is a word which derived from Elohim, which Angel was derived from El. Elf is a word which means shining ones derived from Angel or Elohim. The shining effect on shining ones in mythology perhaps came from the glow of the space ship or the atmospheric shielding halo's like an astronaut's helmet. A very interesting  site to visit can be visited here which has good descriptions and illustrations




a: Pyramid of Cheops
b: Queens' pyramids
c: Western cemetery
d: Eastern cemetery
e: Remnants of the valley temple of Cheops
f: Pits for the solar ships
f1: Museum for the solar ships
g: Pyramid of Chephren
h: Mortuary Temple of Chephren
i: Causeway
j: Sphinx
k: Valley Temple of Chephren
l: Sphinx temple
m: Monument of Queen Chentkaue n: Pyramid of Mykerinos
o: Mortuary temple of Mykerinos
p: Remnants of the causeway
q: Remnants of the valley temple










Had a strange night Saturday night, not to sure if I was dreaming or not , all I remember was bright white light in my room, two 4ft figures with long hair looking at my painting the one of Anananiah, then one letting me blow in some musical instrument, then flying over trees and rooftops, woke up rather late, managed to get to work, touched clock-in machine, its electronics went nutty, then florescent light went pop.


Here are two videos of an unusual event of a portrait of similar Eloha as painting done in the clouds after a space craft / UFO had been spotted..




and how it relates to this drawing over here , take note of the eyes in the sky ((^_^))






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