Infinite Entanglement




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One of my latest of the tailed rainbow space elf series , done with oils on canvas, based on previous work.


(Intimate Intimacy)


It is based on or continued from the painting I had done called "Cosmic Orgasm" which was sent to Edinburgh Erotic Arts Festival to be on exhibit, however the event is long over and the website to which it was on display is offline. The owner has moved to London and the painting is considered "lost" which I hope it may be appreciated and someone is looking after it , which I hope and that it is not destroyed, discarded or thrown away, it was one of my best works. I had tried to communicate so that I would collect it, however communication had been proven difficult due to the fact that phoning her up was difficult which lead me to the reliance on faecesbook(facebook), for communication. This proved difficult with facebook regularly suspending my access to use the site for communication, blocked for 30 days once a month for an entire year as punishment against my artwork with its totalarian viewpoints, that I got upset and fed up and left facebook, and in the process lost touch with more than a 1000 friends which were periodically removed by facebook staff themselves, while being inactive during the blocking periods.

(Intimate Love)

Reference of Cosmic Orgasm


(Cosmic Orgasm)

Reference of Cosmic Orgasm





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