Photon/Quantum Universe represented by symbol of infinity




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Using the symbol of Infinity to model a photon... that is a quantum universe, very much like the universe with all the galaxy clusters in, that swirl around in in spherical torus formations, creating two spins of energy... this energy is seen today by scientists as just energy with no mass... but the matter of the fact is, this mass is a collection smaller particles, the galaxy clusters, swirling about. With the majority at the centre arranged in a disk shape, with a distinct "Z" pattern or swastika. just like the shape of a flying saucer, where most of the density is concentrated within the central vortex, spin, which is truly where most of the young galaxy clusters exist...not created from nothing only recycled from the older ones that had journeyed from the edges of there distant spins. The photon has a spin and an anti spin, each spin contributes to its state, that is matter or anti matter, electrons or positrons, and even the charges of higher boson particles such as quarks, and electrons.. When matter and antimatter collide together.. it isn't destroyed into nothing... but what remains out of the reaction, not energy alone... but photons. Scientists associate colours of light with there frequencies, but each frequency of a photon travel is proportional to the frequency of its spin, thus red light would have have red photons. and so on. White light is a combination of all the possible types of photons. A photon can change its properties of frequency by increasing or decreasing its spin, where it can change its colour from the energy it receives or releases, the vortex speed is in relation to this on how much energy its capable of collecting in the vortex spin. The six platonic structures building up "stuff" are identified with circled rings



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