The Third Code




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Update : New Fourth Code Crop Circle : No More War : 宇宙人は「戦争に反対!」ミステリーサークルのメッセージが出現する


The Third Code, looks better in real life due to the metallic paints used in this, silver, metallic blue and metallic purple acrylics blended in oil standard oil paints. I let people think on what this is all about, here is some images found on the web that relate to it. Some people may understand what is said in the "sphere", but these images below would give you a final clue, hopefully. I would add a description of each, which, by searching Google would find the original sources.

Dropa Stone, with text (Pre-paleo Hebrew)

Aertifacts found in China (note same, and similar symbols),

Dropa stone that describes the artificial development of life on this planet.

Coil wrapped in connection of Symbol Of Infinity,

"toroid field flow of electrons"

Moar Symbols/texts and relationships.

The false peoples eg world leaders etc(incl false "prophets".:./with profits play on word), and slavery of Earth inhabitants, and money disease, making planet head for its Doom.

Crop circle of Second Code

First Code, and Second Code.

Moar crop circles

One of the ET mummy found with Dropa Stones, in China, excluding the one found in South America and Egypt which have same physiology.

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