Trinity Elves




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 Trinity Rainbow Herm Tailed Space Elves. 4th painting of rainbow elf series done roughly first with this digital work here..


The Trinity, a perceptive threesome
The three gems of being.
Love, Empathy and Understanding
Poisoned by religious idealology
The truth is there is no God,
There is no holy spirit, or soul

I am me , you are you, they are them.
Trinity has no gender binary.
There is she, him and them, He, her and they
We all of consciousness, a brain and a body.


For I am a being
A being that follows consciousness,
The Natural law of the cosmos
So should humanity and … screw policy.
You are not binary machines.
Hack reality, cut through all delusion.
Love is the truth of the existence of life.
Trinity is really “The One”.



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