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Vimana, painting based from the digital work Sunset/Sweet Elvin Times background, where the pyramid space ship is a Vimana in ancient Vedic texts.


"विमान "


Vimanas are vehicles or a machines the vedics used to call it for the "gods" better termed, Elohim or extra terrestrials/off world people (some having normal skin tones, some with blue skins, some with green skins, some with white and some with grey skins (based on skin tones of Hindu deities), travelled in as well as the vedics themselves travelled the stars and in-between planets.

Since these devices work on artificial gravity, by incorporating both electro magnetic and electrostatic fields generated together in order to create artificial antigravity. This envelopes the craft like an "aura" creating a sort of hyperspace bubble which looks more like a doughnut. In the centre they are spiralled up together in a vortex, and this vortex needs to be accumulated. This vortex energy is also known as "Vril" which is the build up of quantum attractive and repulsive energy between sub atomic particles which is amplified to a level and point which is capable of giving the craft lift and the ability to fly and manoeuvre unlike any other known aircraft or space craft known to present day earth society.



In Germany WW2 flying disks also known as "vril disks", these vortices were accumulated and charged up using a BMW combustion engine, which is amusing and funny, and in fact there is no need to do that. energy can be extracted from radio waves, to charge up the vortices which is the ultimate free energy, that is of accumulated quantum sub atomic particle attractive and repulsive energy also known as Vril which exists between all particles of the the five platonic solids, When moving onto the sixth , which are photons, one is capable of not just flying and rapid speeds almost fast as the speed of light, but capable of faster than light speed travel by shifting into the unseen spectrum. It is very easy to accumulate vortex energy of photons once artificial gravity is created to accumulate photons. As photons can be attracted and repelled by gravity, as it cannot by electromagnetic attractions and repulsions. Photons are easily gathered when the craft is in the air, since the vortices of Vril create illumination with the glowing aurora which forms around the craft. Another set of antigravity and gravity engines need to exist in order to accumulate photons, while the other is to keep the craft shielded and above the ground.

The evidence of that a hyperspace like bubble or shield which forms around the craft when flying, is that Hitler wanted to install guns on these crafts, and tried to let them stick out a bit of the doughnut shaped field around the craft just so it could shoot, but all attempts failed due to the strong field that shields around the craft causing the bullets and what ever is fired to bounce. Even light/lasers can be distorted out of range if they had been invented, due to the strong fields, which render the vehicle impractical for being a weapon like most human beings on earth do, because of this problem, and is most suitable for a transporting device.

Most of the temples in India are built on the design of the ancient interiors of vimanas that visited earth to feel more at home with the "gods" I guess.














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