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This is a face portrait of Anananiah and is the first oil painting I had completed in my life time which I had started when I first arrived in the UK and joined the Art Studio in Sunderland



It is interesting to know that the humanity of pointed eared hermaphroditic people live in the Pleiades which exist in fragmented recently discovered vedic texts, the same texts that mention vemanah's (the vedic term for flying saucers or vril disks) and ancient astronauts. It refers to the seven spheres which is misinterpreted as seven planets, but actually the seven sisters , which are the seven known stars of the Pleiades. when I had been working on this painting, its when I had the dream, and as if she knew that I would have encountered a high dose of rejection.



I hope you are all fine,
Well me it has been rather a traumatic four weeks/month, having to discover that that I am Intersexed for definite, as I always assumed it, even the evidence of having to take smaller doses of Eostrogen than what ordinary transsexuals take by prescription... I examined myself even more since what my friend told me, and as well as my chromosome tests, be having a further later in the year to find out what XXsomething I am exactly,dont know why they did it there and then...when they had the tests at first, holding the hand mirror down below my bits.. The scar of where the vagina had been matched in bumpiness, colour and texture to that of the circumcision on the penis, which means they both had been done the same time... I forced my finger in over the scar , it sank in... All I could think and cry why did they do this to me, I looked at my hips, they are woman's hips, that are capable for birth... I was so upset found it hard to sleep, I had not been feel like eating, as I am so traumatised, trying to calm down..

I had this dream when I fell asleep..
I decided to write down this dream, as I have been rarely having dreams about this place, this one I managed to take note of and remember, and it felt as real as anything as if I was there.

I could taste, hear, feel, and touch all my surroundings in this dream.

I dreamed I was with Anananiah and there were may like her, different hair and skin colours.

The dream started I was alone in some sort of metal fused with organic structure, was like some sort of transporting device , when it opened up it showed me to building structure by the side of a beach, it seemed to have vanished behind me in a sort of glowing orb when I walked out of it.

The sand was white, and the grass by the sea sand was orangey pink in colour.. the two suns were in the sky.. the sun was hot, and it felt I had not been in some tropical sun for ages, the warming effect was soothing.. I was barefoot, I walked with my feet in the gains of sand, some areas were hot. The trees purple and green, and some of them had red leaves.

It was about evening time on the planet. Anananiah game out of the organic building structure running to me.. with her arms open, saying "my child" with a tear from her eyes, We hugged and then walked to the small hill where it was covered in pinky orange grass. I lay my head in her lap while she stroked my hair, we both were purring..

we talked about the moons which began to appear while the large sun had been setting, she said that this year its the first time in the summer of the plant that the dwarf sun would appear in the night sky, as it normally happens in the winter, and says it is a unique year this  round on the planet... She said its not long before I would be coming home. A cool breeze started to blow, and with the dwarf star and reddish moon, the twilight was violet... It was the most spectacular sunset I ever seen, I fell asleep with my head on her lap, I woke up 11 minutes before my alarm went off.

I thought I had to save this dream, and write it down, as I did not want to forget it.


Who is Anananiah , she is My Visitor, or extraterrestrial mother in a sense or  Guardian, depending on how you observe the relationship between myself and her. She is purely Intersexed, that is being hermaphroditic like myself. So using the pronouns of "she" and "her" may not be entirely correct, as the character can be referred to as them and they and their in being gender neutral, however, I choose the female pronouns due to the fact they appeared more feminine in appearance. When I see Anananiah I will be asking if she prefers gender neutral pronouns.



Recently I had a dream where I had met Anananiah on their planet, where the three moons hung in the sky and the vegetation was amazingly colourful, and the grass was pinkish orange. Sometimes i wonder if the dream was a dream or not, since it felt so real. I would prefer to say it being a dream as I do not have physical evidence. In the dream I was transported in an organic capsule or small space craft.


When I was 11 years old Anananiah came  down in a space craft before I contracted a virus that caused aching in my bones and loss of hearing, came into my room and held me in her arms and had a chat with me at the same time displaying holographic displays, of planets stars and things but focused mainly over Earth and explained things to me. She had no clothes, but wore transparent like silk garments and had long blonde hair, pointed ears. She could manipulate her body's atoms to be able to walk through the glass window of my bedroom, and the wall outside where her spaceship had landed. I also assume that she may have been in her space craft and this figure was her "avatar" to interact with me, which may have been a hologram, very much like the doctor on Star Trek Voyager to explain it graphically.


She was 7 feet tall, and the blur of male and female was quite in the middle, but i see her as her. Because of her voice sounding similar to most gender variant females on this planet. She had a size 12 shoe size since I had managed to take plaster paris imprints of her footprints at the flowerbed under the window of my bedroom. My brother witnessed intense light within my bedroom, but could not open the door, since Anananiah had locked it. He assumed i had all the lights on in my room. The plaster paris of both foot prints was lost in the move from Mtunzini to Eshowe, which Mtunzini is a small village in Zululand KZN South Africa with a coastal dune forest, and Eshowe a small more inland town with a forest in the centre of the town.

Zulu culture tales has a story of tall glowing long haired people comming out of glowing huts that landed on a hill, where they told the indigenous people of Zululand that "white" people not like themselves would come to them and settle, some were mutual , others were wanting to exploit the resources. The tale also continues... as if I would say something could cause a disruption of things, lets say that most assume it was Ghandi...but later to be discovered it wasn't and still waiting for that specific person as Ghandi was not born in South Africa, but in India, it was someone born in South Africa.. here is some fragments of it  "[In Ama-rire (Mu-rire),] "People lived in shining golden huts that moved about by themselves". (SS, p. 44)
A Zulu hut is igloo shaped, and does look like the shape of a spacecraft especially the one large one I photographed.


 I do find it quite hard to understand that this specific folklore tale had not been documented as such, but it has been passed down from word and mouth. Its best to get to listen to the tale from a variety of people and put it into reasonable text. The indigenous people at the time did not know how to read or write and even some today, due to South Africa's political mess caused by first world imperialism. Its so easy to live together not force people into doing things what they do not want. So two days ago with the help from a friend I managed to go back in time in my mind virtually and recall memories. This was one of them as I at first not good at names, and i wished to find out what her name was. It is ::
did some googeling about name if it appeared anywhere else this came up but on the name Ananiah not Anananiah The name of a town mentioned in the bible, which is probably the modern day village of Beit Hanina, just outside of Jerusalem. Also the name of one of Nehemiah's assistants.
in the Bible, is a town in the tribe of Benjamin between Nob and... See more Hazor (Nehemiah 11:32). Ananiah, whose name means "protected by "God,"(better termed Yahweh instead of God,a significant important extra terrestrial mentioned in ) was identified by the 19th century French traveler V. Guerin, author of Description de La Jude'e, with the present-day Beit Hanina, a small village 3 miles north of Jerusalem. Edward Robinson concurred, but W.F. Albright maintained that Ananiah is the village of al-Eizariya east of Jerusalem.[1]




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