The Flaming Dolphins




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An oil painting based on workings of the sun , comet impact and major solar flare 3 days before actual event, with extra tit bits..This painting is rather an usual painting describing the black whole theory represented with the Symbol Of Infinity to display the inner workings of the sun as well providing an aesthetic feel with dolphins depicting the current internal flow of the sun's plasma. It also contains text characters of an exotic humanity depicting the connection of sound, the vibration frequencies of sound of the actual frequencies of energy within the sun.



Not only that it also contains secret arrangement of visual equations which can be solved by using a mirror on the painting.



Here is also some interesting factors about this painting, it had been started and worked on before the large solar flare that had occurred with an impact of a comet on 05 October 2011. This indicates how one can be sensitive to their surrounds and using the sixth sense to actually sense the sun, however, it does not mean to abandon the technology to observe, but it is a mere example how sensitive one can be with their sixth sense. The sixth sense is telepathy, which hair plays an important role in receiving vibration frequencies of information, from other people animals, nature etc, since the sun emits electromagnetic radiation, this analysis could be used to help study telepathy as a science.




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