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It is biometrically tagged with my hair strand which is a technique I have created to uniquely identify the painting to my genetic code. Elfy for based on her stock photos.(Gift Art)
Well today added in finer details on her right, my left of the painting.
Will elaborate on them tomorrow including the trees on her left, my right tomorrow.
The star system this is based on Anananiah's (my non-earth mother and perhaps my home later) in the Asrerope star system which is a binary star system with a blue star similar to the size of the sol (a yellow dwarf star) and a white dwarf star. Hence the bluish light. I cant wait to start on the figure, people on almost all planets do not wear any clothes.

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back, as it has been broken before as you can see here how and when it happened:
My arm ended up getting hurt as it fell on the corner of the step where all the weight and force of my body was directed onto my arm onto that small surface area at the tip of the step, and could not move it. Later I went to the hospital , but the wait was too long as I had previously organised to meet in Newcastle and as well later attend the transgender meeting for the North East. I could not bear the wait, and so off I went to Newcastle to
meet her and then attend the meeting, But I was in extreme pain, and meditating off it. The people all examined my arm and said it had a high probability of being fractured, and had to go to the hospital, when I came back to Sunderland. After the the meeting Amy took me to the drop in centre in Newcastle but it was shut, so I had to go to the hospital in Sunderland. I took the metro/train back. While I was in the train a followed it all the way back to Sunderland, it made its first appearance once the train went over the bridge. I tried to photograph it but with my arm I battled to get my camera out of my bag, but someone at the end of the coach managed to photograph
or film it with there iPhone. As i eventually got my camera it flew off. I arrived at the hospital and walking from the station to the Hospital saw it glow behind the clouds and sang to the Elohim with my iPod instrumental music playing, it was drizzling. Went in the hospital and all the lights went out and on again. I waited for for 4 hours and they sent me to the drop in centre in Sunderland which is a few miles away. I had to get a taxi, i then went
there and waited for two hours, then got help and the arm was examined, and then wrapped in a sling and the doctor said it was fractured, and I come in the morning to have it x-rayed.
I walked home from the drop in centre and went to bed 3 in the morning and fell asleep instantly after I uploaded the work on the painting into my scraps, and upset it would be a while before I could paint or work on the picture.
One of the residents at the house where I live in which is closing at the end of the month, said he saw a blue flying saucer over the house. He did not
take any pictures.

I woke up in the morning and went by bus to the drop in centre to get the arm x-rayed, the doctor and radiographer said there was a splinter like fracture near the elbow, and made an appointment for me at the hospital at two in the afternoon. I went to the art studio to let them know about it that I would try and paint with my left arm and as well at the Porterfield where I work. My cousin came with me to the hospital and the arm was looked at again, and the doctor said there was no fracture, and that there was only muscle damage which would take two weeks to get better, and it did not need a cast. So went and stayed at my cousin's house for a few hours, and then came
back home and went to bed as I was exhausted. I say the arm would get better than two weeks, just been craving Nourishment chocolate milk drink a lot and still feel exhausted. the internet is offline so I am using my mobile phone to upload this I went to the Art studio and I could use my arm and I worked on the sky and it has a large gas planet with a moon in the sky.



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