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The portrait of Jade
Gift Art
Acrylic on canvas.
Today I had applied a covering picture varnish over it before giving it away, and because my camera isn't good at taking photos of my paintings, as they appear blurred I paid 3 just to have the photo taken at a photo shop, while I was in the photo shop, I was happy to have phone me up today and decided will do her painting after I have done the Annual THINK PINK V Contest** digital 3D, Miss P's I want to do as an oil painting as I prefer oils, and it would be sent to the USA, will also contain a strand of my hair in it Finally complete , where I can start on something new. Just waiting for the paint to completely be dry before I I put a sealing varnish spray over it to
protect it. It is also biometrically identified by me with having a hair strand which has been put in the pain on her hair in the picture. Also like my previous one GLS it also contains a hidden flying saucer See if you can spot it.
Work Progress::
It is starting to come alive now since I have completed the sky which still needs a bit of touching up. Here Jade is on a planet that very much follows the orbital ways of Pluto (pseudo planet) and Chiron, That is the planet is not the centre and the moon orbits the planet like that of the Earth and the Moon, but both planets orbit an empty space of nothing , but a gravitational something in the centre. Both planets, the one Jade is on and the one
viewed in the sky are worlds containing life. The cloud above Jade's head accidentally turned out to appear like a flying saucer which I will elaborate that. The work that really needs doing are the trees and leaves, and nearby flowery exotic from Earth vegetation, based on a photo shoot down at the park of the close up of the flowery gardens which I will later share as stock. This picture has already developed a controversial story to it, in relation to people not understanding art, and the conformative programming of society, and almost got arrested by the police because of it.

First of all as some of you know I have been working most of this week with the part time cleaning job, as I have been filling in the place of one of my co-workers place while she is on leave or holiday. Well this morning I had been working, and had to leave work at a specific time to be at the job centre at 12:30 to do my sign on with the job seekers allowance, as well produce my payslips on the work I had been doing, so I would be paid on Monday, even if I wished to stay a bit longer to help the other person i work without so we both finish on time, as she was just on the last bits when I had to leave, but wished to stay to finish off like normal . I had taken my painting with me since i found no point of walking back home and then walking to the art studio work group, where the place I work is a halfway point between the place of venue which was at a museum and home, and the job centre was a geographical step before where the art studio was being held. The painting had been covered with tin foil and placed in the celler
where all the drinks were to be out of the way so no one could accidentally damage it. I was worried for it being covered since the paint was still sticky even when it is Acrylic, because I had been using a blending medium gel of an oil base to produce better results in its completion stage.


After work I went to the job centre with my bag with all my papers (job centre stuff) paints, brushes and painting , took off the tinfoil to see if it was still in tact , which it was with a sigh of relief. Walking through the shopping mall , passing all the shops, people through the market square , past the banks , round the corner towards the job centre. Walked in, and handed in the papers and payslips, was asked to sit down and wait to be called for the sign in.
I got called , put the painting on the table in its portable easel which the Art Studio has lent me, and did what I need to do without bothering anyone else, like every other day I had been there. Apparently one chap at the job centre came in and complained that one person found the painting to be offensive. My response was "I am going in a few seconds, and I am not bothering anyone and just doing what I need to do, if they don't like my
painting, they need to be mature and stop bothering me about it as if they ignorant to human biology and design. I do not bother other people if I find something I do not like about others." Then his response was.. what about children in here.. My response was well its up to the parents to educate there children about the biology of the human body, no point in hiding it and creating children to grow up into ignorant adults, and general statistics of
it all there children have suckled on the mammary glands when there mothers had been feeding them., I do not see the point of it all, it is art, the only way one can perceive something offensive is when there consciousness is offensive. " He stared speechless.., finished signing off, smiled and walked out. I was rather jumpy, since when he approached me, he came up from behind. I naturally am afraid of men when they do that to me since it recalls memories back to the days of my rape incident, as well as a defensive reflex mechanism I have which my mind has created so that I would be more flexible and motor responsive if I should experience such a danger again, and flee. Then I went off to the Art Studio where it had been held at the museum, arrived and there was a meeting. Derek(chap in charge of the Art Studio) saw I had been slightly perturbed , and asked how I was. I told him the story, and he was rather shocked and surprised and shook his head in disbelief, he gave me a pound and told me to get a hot chocolate(a hot drink from the vending machine was 50p), and gave me a hug and comforted me and told me to forget it and get on with my painting, which he said may turn out to be a masterpiece if I work hard on it. He told me as well use the pound to buy someone else in the room who is working already a hot drink. I went in the next room and asked who wanted a drink, someone asked for a tea, so I took note of there request and went downstairs to the vending machine. Put the pound in. Ordered my hot chocolate, then the tea, the machine

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processed. A hot chocolate came out, then a cup of coffee instead of the tea and had 50p still remaining on the screen, so I ordered another hot chocolate , and 10p came out as change.. This was rather odd, because the hot chocolate and the coffee were 50p each.. So I came back with the two hot chocolates and the cup of coffee, gave the chap who asked for the tea the coffee apologising that the machine was odd, and gave another a hot chocolate, and I had a hot chocolate. I gave Derek the 10p change saying thank you here is 10p change for your good karma and told him about the machine. Then he said, well thank you for the good deed, from this I have a present for you, I said no need and thank you I appreciate the hot chocolate, he laughed, and gave me two blank pre-setup canvases. I was overjoyed and thanked him. As you know worked on the sky of this painting , and the art studio closed at 4pm and decided to revisit the job centre to get some job application print out slips on the machines. I prefer using the machines than there actual website since the technique I have selects more variety jobs and job faculties in a single search where when searching online through there website, you allowed only three faculties/types per search which is time consuming and irritating and annoying.
Went in , plonked the painting which was still wet from the medium blender with the Acrylic paint I had been using, with its easel on top of the job search machine, with the two gift canvases on the side, and began my job search. My iPod was playing in my ears, and i jumped while I felt a tap on my shoulder, as I never expected it. It was a lady, and I looked at her and pulled my ear phones out of my earsies and she told me she apologises for the thing that happened earlier in the day and how the chap disapproved and had a a lack of respect for my art and my being. I thanked her and smiled, and said ,no problem , and thank you. Put my earphones back in and continued with my search. I jumped again, as I felt a harder more aggressive tap on my back, pulled my earphones out and saw that chap again with a different lady. and smiled. However not expecting the apologetic approach by the previous lady but he started to go off at me. He told me to cover the painting, as he told me he finds it offensive and could offend other people and there is children and so on. I told him what should be the problem, I do not offend anyone. I have done nothing wrong, this is the natural biology of the human form and it is art, and people see
art like this in art museums. He said it isn't appropriate for the job centre. I told him how can it be inappropriate if it is my work and very much part of my being ? I would say it would be fair for you to come out at me if I walked in the job centre completely naked or with a bomb, and that the paint is wet and cannot be covered. This artwork was compiled on the basis of love and compassion and tenderness, not aggression and hate which are the offensive things that exist in society unfortunately..

A few people started to crowed around and support me , he was trying to dismiss them and said I had been disturbing the peace. I had been calm and talking in a gentle manner, no matter how much the fear and adrenaline had been rushing through my blood stream, meditating at the same time , using
the fear to be humble rather than bold and loud. He said it offends certain religious people in the centre. Well I told him, that it offends me to aggressively come. I replied him back how can I disturb the peace when you created the drama in the first place because of the ignorant programming
society put in one's mind. then again it offends me to come to me aggressively and conform me to something against my consciousness which is rather high level if you do not understand, I am sorry, I cannot be a hypocrite to my own consciousness and being. I do not see why you find the design of the human form without clothing offensive, when it had been made from Love, compassion and tenderness, with careful precision, even when it isn't perfect but good, excuse me I would like to finish what I came here for and go home. he responded that I could not and that I am now trespassing the job centre. I responded, how could I trespass, if I have every right like everyone in this building regardless of there origins and beliefs ?


 Dont you think it is unfair that one set of beliefs do not respect the other set of beliefs and ways of life and enforce the other to comply ? He responded, that's it , I am calling the police. I responded, do call the police, they would see I am doing nothing wrong, and in fact came in minding my own business, I don't complain at the Islamic people with there head coverings, do I ? That is it I am not arguing or debating this (some security guards began to clutter around me) you have two choices, to leave and look for work using this number, gave me the number) or come without the painting. I responded that is not a fair choice, I am just here using the machines, and secondly the number is not free on my mobile network, and the land line phone isn't always available, and I am working and busy most of the time and the current method I use for job searching is the most reliable solution I have and discovered for myself personally to fit around the time in my life. I have every right to be hear like that Muslim over there, you are politically incorrect, and the police would get upset with you for wasting there time, where they should be doing relevant work than having to deal with this ridiculous situation. resulted from the narrow minded perception of the painting. If I came in here verbally offending everyone, creating a scene on my behalf, I would consider it fair, but what you doing here is an act of discrimination as well as an act of emotional abuse threatening me
with the police when I have done nothing wrong. So he went and dialled the police to arrest me... while he was at it put my earphones, done what I had to do and walked out. I was shaking in shock.


I don't know if the police came or not. On the way home I remembered I had a meeting to attend with the LGBT of the older generation, but before that I had found an old lady in the distance who had passed out and people had been standing around her staring, not doing a thing . She had been sitting on the chair, and somehow fainted or dizzy and just fell. I quickly ran to see how she was and found that she may have cracked her skull and blood was pouring down the pavement. One of the people decided to help by phoning the ambulance, and then I went to find the nearest shop if they had a pillow for her. She could not get up, it seemed she may have had a stroke and lost movement on one side of her body. I went in the shop , and showed them through the window what was happening and that I need a pillow for the old lady. They had no pillows but a soft towel , which I took with me and put it under the lady's head. the lady was looking at me and under her breath thanked and pointed at me and said I was glowing. the children around in the area who had been staring and watching the incident as if it was a show on TV were calling me a freak, there words were numb against to what I had experienced today, and the first priority was that the lady would be picked up by the Ambulance. The ambulance came , and was rather quick than the police that were called at the job centre. I then went to the LGBT meeting, shared my story, they said I should put it in the newspapers, I am feeling to just let it die, and just share it on-line , as the media can get your story wrong and change it. So what do you think, do you think I should go to the newspapers with it or not ?

I am just very tired and down and under the shock still, so I am going to tidy up, watch a movie and go to bed, as i am working again tomorrow
Much Love and huggles
Yup it has been quite a day...




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