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Lone Reproductive System in painting.


This is a project I had been working for Kris Crash's zwitter forums, and really found it therapeutic in the discovery of myself and accepting myself as being intersexed, despite the dramas and rejection and being misunderstood, the labels for each part would be in the "Lone Zwitter Elf" section of this website of mine which is a science fiction fantasy story.

I am going to include a brief explanation, and elaborate on the bits new or bits that are unknown.
*The backbone supports the spinal cord , it includes an usual tail bit vertebrae, where it could form a possible tail.
*The datarexis skull, a complex construction of bone and cartilage that protects the datarexis.
*The datarexis, this is a part of the nervous system of the elf, it is capable of storing memories and consciousness from the brain of the elf for
transferral to the clone and even a sexually reproduced or parenthetically produced child , as well collaborates and carefully sorts the selection of
healthy genes, which is why it makes the Intersexed gene extremely dominant and stable.

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*Datarexis nerve, this nerve connects the datarexis organ to the spinal chord.
*Stemadidimis produces a selection of stem cells for cloning
*Epididymis stores sperm
*Testes creates the sperm
*Prostate stores and secretes seminal fluid
*Seminal vesicle is a tube that transports the semen and sperm...
*Fallopian tubes nourish and carry the fertilized egg to the uterus.
*Ovaries creates the egg cells
*Parthodidimis, regulates Parthenogenesis if it is occurring without using the sperm cells
*Uterus is the womb where the fertilized egg cell gets deposited in the uterus walls and develops into a fetus, a lil baby elfy , the fetus could also
be a clone of the adult, and is reborn, but if the datarexis is damaged, the clone would not remember its past life.
* Internal erectile tissue, some more arousal tissue which is mostly active during self cloning and parthenogenesis.
*Rectum, part of the digestive system.
*Bladder, part of the urinary system
* Cervix allows the flow of menstrual blood from the uterus into the vagina, and direct the sperms from the inserted erected penis from self or a
partner into the uterus. Intimacy/ or sexual intercourse between two elves is done in a form of tribalism, where the penis go in opposite vaginas.
*Pubic bones
*G spot arousal , ejaculation, orgasms.
*Clitoris, and fused with the penis corpus , which both get aroused simultaneously creating double orgasms with the this getting sensation a split
second before the g spot.. to release a synchronized effect particularly in self sexual reproduction.
*Vagina used for sexual intercourse with self and other elves.
*Penis, used for sexual intercourse with self and other elves, as well as for urinating.
About urinating, there are two openings in the urinal system, through the penis and the urethra, I did not label it, as the diagram lines were getting
cluttered, but you can see it.



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