Love From The Stars




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Which is one of my exhibition work, this would be done in oils
Love from the stars, to much, exists the concept of invasions by Extra Terrestrials, this is not the Truth, the truth is in the matter of Love, it would be highly improbably for Extraterrestrials to come to Earth to solely exploit the resources and people here, if they had this lowness in consciousness, they
would have destroyed themselves before coming on this quest of command and conquer. Humanity on Earth has this fear in mind because humanity have not transcended to a higher consciousness, and it is a point leaning towards there guilt that if humanity of Earth did go beyond the solar system,
they would do such a thing, but I think humanity can change, as there is still good out there, regardless of the false promises, corruption of governments, the existence of military, conformity and enforced policy. I feel art can help people think, and realize things visually. The people on other planets are just are ONE with everyone, just a network of different humanities, even when appearances are vastly difference,
since this connection exists in all our DNA.



This Painting had been done and based on my pencil work based on a real life experience being inside a an organic space craft with managing to photograph the tentacle thingies.






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