Neytiri Zana Portrait




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Painting done by Me of the female Na'Vi Avatar character "Neytiri" as a referenced compiled with her own facial features to add to the uniqueness and originality to it. I had been doing my elf characters which looked similar to the Na'vi way before Avatar came out and even way before the world of warcraft, in the idea of extra terrestrial elf like beings or space elves, not only myself, I have known a few others who had been working on space elves as well.


The Na’vi , even though they appear primitive, the Na'vi were more technologically advanced in biotech and never knew it,
designed and created by intelligent design of another humanity of artists and scientists, resulting in a complex system which preserves there
consciousness, such as when they die, there personalities, memories, there inner selves gets uploaded into the tree of souls. The trees themselves are
connected in a single network across the planet.




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