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The Art was posted to the Principality of Sealand, and was gifted to the Royal Family who gave me the Noble Title of Lady,  but for some unknown reason it was returned back in the post. I have it back now unfortunately...I was to upset to respond to this, as I take it to heart intensely and it has been over several years since 2012 since I last done it and posted it... 

I was deeply upset that it had been returned...

With my PTSD I had forgotten to update my website about it. I think I may have posted being upset that it never reached Sealand, and bounced in the post.. in the Forums.

It will remain in my flat/art space/storage space until I get notified for it to be claimed.



Conceptual art done in Venus Project Style of Sealand in the future, showing the development from the original rig like fortress of WW2 , with floating Islands and cities, and Zero Point Energy (aka Vril generator) power plant n association with small wave generators. Zero point energy only accumulates energy but does not create energy from nothing from a source into a zero point state to the point it becomes self sustaining dubbed "The energy of the vacuum or black sun. A subcomponent of the anti-gravity engine, less the electromagnetic fluid for generating the electrostatic combined with electromagnetic to generate "gravity" and a warp drive engine for space travel. It follows the concepts of implosion and not explosion like combustion and nuclear fission. It is the way way of the future, the step towards freedom, freedom from money, borders and boundaries leading the planet into galactic civilization, a paradismic society like almost all exo-cultures.




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