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Well I don't normally share one of the peculiar dreams , I have which do not involve earth related stuff ,  this one is one of the several dreams I have where I exist on exotic places out of the solar system for a moment before waking up. The Last dream I shared when I was with Anananiah earlier this year when we met and then ended resting my head on her lap while she stroked me back to sleep on that end and I woke up on this end... and then once I shared about the sudden appearance of myself in a jungle world, while I was walking in town, and then slipped back waking up and almost got run over by a buss.


This one was different, I met no people, I seemed to have traveled through some sort of accumulated energy field into an underwater world, which was undergoing a terraforming process. I ended up underwater, and was capable of breathing underwater in the body I was in, I never went to a mirror to examine it, since there was none in the area and I never thought of it, since what I had seen had been the focus of my attention. The plants and sea life were amazing, the colors on them.. The planet was practically holding shallow seas and Islands, I found that Out when I swam to wards an Island, and wriggled myself onto the sand. As I found it hard to adjust and the body was more designed for underwater use.. so I derived the hypothesis I had an amphibian body. I felt the sun dried up my skin quickly, never looked and studied the sky at this moment, so I headed back under the water exploring around the Island. The fish and water creatures are hard to describe, but surely amazing. Some at this point were not coloured but larger. I decided to go back in the crevice where I appeared, and it lead to built structures. A large door on my right where I came from which lead to a circular tunnel with lights and intricate metallic-organic structures, then on my left was a small doorway, which I headed to, and it it lead upwards into a building built on the Island and out of the water.. Obviously the people who terraformed the planet and created the life here were "terrestrial" they lived on land other than that on water. This lead to a spiral of steps going up, perhaps to some sort of tower,  which had windows and doors , the doors lead to various parts of the building perhaps which reminded me of going up the steps of a cathedral tower, and the windows gave me a view outside, which was covered in forest vegetation, and then vehicle tracks on the sand... I saw no one working. I continued up where my view in the windows was above the green forest vegetation,  which looked similar to earth's. Then looked beyond the trees , stretched a vast shallow ocean with random Islands. It started to go dark with the sun full in the sky, it was not yellow bright like The sun you see from earth, but was more orangy, and was not as intense , but it sure was warmer a double the size of the visible corona. A large gas giant which this planet or say moon I was on was going around the gas giant planet which had rings , but colour of Jupiter. I could  see a few moons as well and as the sun was getting dimmed out as the moon moved around the gas giant, I could see a nebula behind the sin appear which was elongated with pinkish tones... as I was studying and trying to figure out what nebula this was, while hearing someone walk up the steps and touch me on the arm I ended up waking up here back to earth...

I did some searching to find if i can find anything similar and found thes links, I cant share the images to the note because of facebook out of stupidity, discrimination and predudism has p[revented me from uploading images and art.




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