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This is painting done to illustrate my wish for thinking, my dream of escape from this hard cruel planet where I spent most of my life suffering rather than achieving. The painting is based at the back of the civic centre and is based on the "Event" which may or may not occur on the 11/11/2011 after the opening of my exhibition in the evening where I myself in the rainbow catsuit get escorted by Anananiah and an Eloha that is described in rael.org to return home with Anananiah, the blond haired Eloha whom I met when I was 11 years old who claimed to have seeded me. Where I myself had been an experiment of observation, being different in many aspects as well as being part and one with the humanity of this planet, where they observed how humanity had treated people like myself differently, the account of all the rejection, abuse and trauma I had received to themselves derive a conclusion on what to do next. All I wished for in my life is to be accepted and loved, which is the dreams of every single person on this planet, and anyone who is different, or has a disability tends to be rejected from society. Here I expressed this emotion where I would be happier in a society that is very loving and empathetic and understanding to what I have experienced... and also to show that I myself is not the only one who has been through trauma, abuse and rejection from all social groups that we tend to cling on , be it interests , beliefs and like minded ideas.


Anananiah , the tall white Eloha on the left nudges me to go up since its time to go home, into the binary system of the blue dwarf and white dwarf star, here the planet of the three moons resides, to play and frolic on the orange-pink sea anemone like grass, gazing at the purple leaves on trees, the warm blue light on our skins.. every time i think of home... i only but cry... where i would have the freedom to draw, to create, and to be... The Eloha on my right holds my hand, and thanks me on the achievements which I had done the best I could under circumstances of trauma, abuse and rejection, and not the mistakes I made with tears falling from her eyes.



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