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Finally finished it ((^_^)) a blend of myself , astrophysics, quantum physics, free energy ancient Indian philosophy( veda texts) (shivashakti-sacred hermaphrodite metaphor of the universe of matter and anti-matter, above and below , love and Raelian philosophy. Vril energy, Vril Generator.


Life as we know it when understanding a lot and knowing a lot, one would see that life on this planet could have been a better place. Such as knowing that before and during the second world war, despite the over emphasized invention that took thousands of lives of Japanese women and children , which had been a both stupid and clever invention indeed, where I would predominantly say stupid sice it had been constructed to take lives rather than to give lives. The thing is when looking at the truth behind the second world war, it was a combination of tyrants and hero’s, but the truth opf the matter is, they were all human , like myself prone to mistakes and prone to mental stress that can cause mental illness. America the hero ? Nope they were just as bad as those who were pro war in Germany. Why is it the invention that took thousands of lives gets praised and the invention that would improve lives gets hidden in secrecy? I am talking about Free Energy, Vril Energy, and Vril disks which are commonly known as flying saucers. Since the US and UK had managed to get their hands on such technology, one would think if improving life on this planet, by making use of this technology by sharing it. If Vril generators existed all over the planet, Fukushima would not have been a nuclear disaster. Why is the source of constructing one hidden or deviously fragmented ?


When you think about it regardless if the Germans won WW2 or not and the past had been put aside and the future focused on the basis of paradism, we would be flying about in vril disks/flying saucers, as primary way of transportation, it would remove the borders of countries, it would phase out the concept of money. People would be working on what they best at and what they enjoy doing in a way of fulfilling there lives and improving humanity in the form of love and compassion, rather than having to work to earn a living, when knowing that life is truly a gift of existence no matter what belief of philosophy of life you ground yourself onto. The question is, why is America sitting on this technology, and enforcing nuclear rules on other places, and enforcing the use and control on fossil fules when they complain about the pollution to the environment ? Taxing people on carbon credits is only a money spinner, where if they truly cared about the planet they are on the people they work with that’s, you and I, they would be open and share the source of this technology.?




The only main reason of suppression I see points towards capitalism, that is money and currency, which would explain why inventions and working ideas get suppressed when regardless if humanity benefits or not, only if a profit can be made. Money is control , it is used to manipulate people regardless how smart and creative you are, and it discreately manipulates the ideals and assumptions of others over you, in other words, if you have no money, people see you as a piece of shit, rather than a human being with talents and skills, which sadly extends to even into the enlightened people who share philosophies of truth. I can elaborate on it, but I rather keep it short.



These are the thoughts going through my mind, and then it would have been so much easier to fly to the moon in a flying disk than a bulky lunar module, which to me is a bucket of bolts, putting astronaut’s lives at risk… no wonder why they were closely watched… with bemused eyes. Hoping that the bucket of bolts would not fall apart.



So when reading this note and thoughts, I would suggest in your free time to do some research on Vril and get as much information as possible and share the idea, as someone who has the resources and heart for humanity would give it a try, to get this thing kick started. When there is free energy, it would naturally lead to self productive individuals who would work and contribute and share more than competing and trying to sell.

The computer you using today would have been ahead than what it is, the mere reason you have the computer you use in front of you, was not based on its efficiency and durability, but on the basis of its ability to sell.








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