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the Raelian ( [link] ) stuffies which are the Messages.

However this picture on its own has a story to it... the original non earthly text characters come from here:

Its said to be or turned out to be that it is most likely that this is a message I received is from off world sentient visitor which I presume to be Elohim, but there is also the unlikely factor it isn't, such as the computer card glitch.... but what cause the glitch to be less likely since the glitch was creative lol.. But feel free to have your own opinion and thought on it. The text seem to appear Hebrew, and there are pictograms on top, and the dots appear to be genetic code data clumps.

The story how the text got there goes back when I was working on my computer, which it was rendering the plants of my scene and I was online facebook and deviantart, the power went out, I was upset the time was 10:45pm, I ran in the dark to turn off my bleeping UPS, but first to put the rending computer in hibernation.. I ran into the wall, and cut my forehead and it bleed in the middle , he cut/scar which i still have exists between the eyes where the "third eye" is illustrated in new age art. Then i went out, waited the power i guessed may be on at 11:11 which i precognitioned. So i took a stroll to the airfield and lay there and i Imagined the stars, the ground below me , the atoms etc, and i imagined and drew pictures of hearts in the stars, and blew kissed them to you all the ones I love...
Then in a matter of seconds, a large glowing star appeared in the sky and little ones darted across the sky in squiggle and patterns... and when I looked closer they were little sourcers.I wished i did have my camera on me, but even if did have my camera , I would never know , how they would come out... Then the sky appeared like it was before, but still the large star was t the side... at 11:11 the lights in the area came on... and that star that was there.. moved slowly to my house stopped and disappeared.. when i came back my computer displayed these characters with every boot and the graphics card was faulty. And it went back to normal, when I took the card out, and put it back in again... it was back to normal, I thought i come out with the story later...

The fractal is my own work as well and is available as free stock in my gallery [link] and the the logo and text i had done as well..



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