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A Day in the forest

The day started off being a lonely hard day, since I am going through very hard times more than ever before in my life, been looked down upon by many people (humans) in the town I live in, the province I live in, the country I live in...
You know I just want to live and be loved; I cannot want to live when no one loves me...
Since my parents were away, I had a bit of little freedom for a few hours, so I decided to spend the day in the forest next the house...
I climbed over the fence and walked into the forest...
As I was walking, I felt the presence of snakes near by, so I picked up a stick and gently swayed it over the undergrowth to enable the snakes to let them know I was passing through and they do not have to worry about being stepped on, and in turn biting me...
I never went as deep as this into the forest, always afraid of what possible dangers of wild animals could be in there, besides snakes, scorpions, giant spiders, wild pigs etc... and there is a big fat python half the size of an anaconda living in there( was someone’s pet snake, which left its home to make its home in the forest, and since then it was grown large, feeding on medium sized dogs, cats, monkeys and buck (an animal that looks like antelope/deer ).

Strange things besides the wildlife have been happening in this forest, strange things have been zipping in and out of the forest, from the east, to the west and from the south to the north, and from above to below.
The things that I seen go into and out of the forest range from strange creatures to UFOs. Yes strange...and I have photographed two UFOs one using a poor quality web cam, and other my parents digital camera.
Some nights I would see large sparkly things move in-between the leaves, not fireflies but fairies, they only come as close to me by 10 meters, and if I move towards them, they disappear.
The other night I had a smoke on the veranda (porch) and saw someone or something looking at me in the dark, I got up to have a closer look, I did not sense any evil or good as I thought it was possibly an African burglar or something since i only saw dark skin and white eyes... However, when I moved towards it hid behind the bushes. As I walked towards the bushes, maybe talk to it, it moved at an incredible speed into the forest, with a "swishing sound" as if it flew low on the ground into the forest, and disappeared, for I while I wondered what this thing/person was until this day I entered the forest, it was an elf.

I moved deeper into the forest until I reached a swamp with a small stream, I looked into the steam I could see my reflection in the strangely clear water, water in swamps supposed to be dirty and muddy, but it was clear, as if it was not picking up mud sediment as it flowed. I looked at my reflection and at a glance I appeared to have elf ears, i got excited and when I blinked they disappeared... and thought my imagination has been working over time under my stressful life as in my imagination its the only way to escape the harshness of the human world...

I lay beside the stream, I did not know what to photograph, since the undergrowth was a mess, thick and bushy, so I left the camera, and lay down, while I received a vision of this place in the future from the forest.
In the vision there were no trees, just a few scrawny shrubs, the stream was almost dry, but dirty, and there was a bit of grass, which faded into red sand towards my parent’s house which showed, as in present time, I would not see it because of all the trees. The roof did not have any grass on, but corrugated iron sheets which replaced the thatch, there was no garden, or grass, just sand, the sky was red from all the dust, it looked like as if I was on Mars. I woke up from this vision when I heard a bubbling noise from the stream; bubbles seemed to have been boiling out of the mud. I got up in a fright and hid behind a fallen tree stump, which was nearby. I had behind and watched, the bubbles grew more intense and then stopped. A sort of latch seemed to open out of the mud but mud and water was falling into what ever it was. The later a pair of muddy hands came out, then a head...with ELF EARS!! Then the body wriggled out. The being appeared to be feminine from the small breasts on her chest. Everything was hard to tell because she was covered in mud. The elf looked left and right as if it was looking for me and looked at my bag and the camera on the ground. She crawled on her hands and knees sloshing through the mud towards the stuff near the log. I was afraid to get up and scare her away. The next minute she disappeared as if vanished... but I got a fight when I felt muddy hands touch me from behind. It was her... She then put her hands in a sort of stop gesture as if to tell me I must not be scared. I relaxed and sat leaning against the log. She moved closer to me, so close her body was almost touching mine. She was having a good look at me. She smiled a friendly smile at me and moved her arm to touch my skin. I nodded, and she touched my skin. She closed her eyes and opened them again, but this time her eyes changed colour and glowed a little. I felt a sort of ticklishness pass through my body. Her smile grew larger, with surprise as she moved my hands towards my head to my ears...and touched them, then she got my hands and moved them towards my ears, and I felt... I had elf ears!.. I smiled and laughed with a sort of relief...her too... then she showed me the stop gesture with her hand and I stopped. She moved her right hand to my forehead and closed her eyes... she shuddered her eyeballs under her eyelids and then opened and spoke... "Hello, Zana should I talk to you like humans or by thought, as i extracted your language." I replied well any way was you wish...she smiled, nodded, and heard her talk into my head, and I could reply to her by not speaking a word.
She said from this experience my psychic skills will develop faster.

She told me to undress as I need to climb into the mud and go under with her, I took all my clothes off and left only my underwear, just encase ... as I been living too long in the human world and been so self conscious, only be naked to others if I need to take certain photos, which are carefully arranged....
She gave me a hug and her body touched mine... she got excited and started kissing me and giggling at the same time... when her body touched against mine ... when feeling her excitement, and found she was hermaphrodite.. , .We spent a while rolling rubbing and playing in the mud with each. She then stopped me and laughed, saying "quick, I need you to come with me, I need to show you others and we speak'... She said she was the queen elf of the forests in the natal region and had watched me closer to see if i was a subject elf, an elf which is put on Earth as a naive spy for the elves... where they stuck in human form... and change once in a while by force of other elves or by accident, they somehow feel they are elf, but deny it when they look at themselves... This elf , her name is..Adaron Enayla which the Adaron part means "lord of the trees" and the other part of the name is just a name, She said there are a lot of Adarons around on earth who guard the forests, which provide safe haven for elves passing through Earth, and watch the subject elves closely to decide when they return to the Elvin world. Subject elves she says were born in human parents, thus producing a human appearance form for a long temporary basis, they were placed into the human mothers, and mixing the elf genes with humans... but in time as the elf subject develops the human genes die, and Elvin ones live on.
The hole in the mud she took me down in was long and wet... she moved forward holding my hand... she appeared to be moving like a slithering of a snake... moving fast dragging me along, I did not know what speed I was moving.. Possibly 80km/h in the mud tunnels..
As we moved closer to the destination.. We moved down,, through the tunnels under the ground, , some tunnels led to other forest areas. Then we travelled to a large muddy underground cavern, and in the centre was thing that looked like a galaxy of stars, which opened in the centre, which appeared like hole and at the end of the hole was light. There were fairies flying around it. Inn front of it was a device which looked a panel, it was round and spherical, and contained text of an unknown font, and the writing glowed. Adaron put her hand and typed her wet muddy fingers on the device, and she reached out for my hand, and grabbed me and then pulled my body close to her right side. We stepped in together, it felt like walking through a waterfall, and at the other end was forest, which appeared underground, and in the centre of view was a city made from crystals, which glowed in the colours of the rainbow.

There was a large underground crystal city glowing with ever changing colours, with trees, flowers and plants. And there were a group of elves waiting for us... from there one elf raised her hand.. she had 3 pony tails, as I knew she was the real queen of the all the queens ,she came from a long way to see me I felt and had a Happy look , then turned into sad serious look as if she was about to cry. As if she received vision (which I realise now, she saw my future).. At that moment, Adaron brought me close to her , “Welcome Zana, I am Zanaria, the queen of the elves, welcome..” she took me in her arms and held me tight crying. Then while she was crying and holding me tight, she kissed me frantically, and I kissed her back crying too. Then after the crying ended we started laughing and giggling together, rubbing our bodies. After we were done greeting each other Zanaria held me close to her left, and I hold closely to Adron on my left, we walked through the town and talked, and headed towards crystal pyramid in the centre, we walked in and went to a well lit room with wet plants and flowers. In the canter was a round table, with 3 elves lying on it one on top, one on top of the other forming a shape of a “*” sign, and around, them was food, sweet things, which looked like desert, and there were data pads.
Me, Zanaria, and Adaron were accompanied by twelve elves, which 14 of us made 14 in total and we were asked to be seated around the table. At the table were data pad consoles ach had text, pictures, video and writing, mine however was readable in English, it showed many plans of the elves, and we talked about what could happen, will the elves leave Earth for good. While we were talking many elves gathered around the table, and sat and lay around on the spongy comfortable floor, talking softly, kissing and touching and eating and listening and other things. They were quite and silent what they were doing. When I looked at them I received the friendliest smiles ever in my life, with eyes full of love and passion.

While we talked and discussed things over the table the 3 elves would slide on the table feeding us with little bits of this and that on the table, they moved by sliding around. Starting with desert first, then veggies,Elvin pastes, milks cheesy stuff, Elvin bread which was soft, and also hard and flat, and spices, and herbs…as elves font eat meat, unless they have to keep alive when there is no other source of food around, most elves eat desert first before the main meal, as many elves reading this will agree.
Once the discussion was over, the queen elf climbed on the table, and the three elves huddled around her…and she stood, while the other 3 kneelded holding her tight… and she shouted, “let the feast begin !” when she said that syrupy stuff fell and dripped from the rood and poured all over us elves, including the others oin the room. The room darkened a little and changed colours , and music started to play. I did not know where the music came from, perhaps from the pyramid , no it came from outside the city! The whole city was loud and singing. The music started off with just the beautiful voices of the elves, which sounded like a chant. The sound of the music sounded sad… lonely empty. Then the elves in the room joined in, then I too included..
“Elen sila lumenn omentilmo, Cormamin lindua ele lle Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva Amin mela lle”

The chant grew louder and louder. Then there was sound of sound which sounded like an orchestra mixed with synthesizer music, flowing with the music, it got louder and louder… the lights slowed down and dimmed more and more. More and more unusual instrument sounds started.. In the sky I could see a hologram, it was the musicians!
They were blowing on unusual trumpets, pipes and things, some were attached to there bodies, which were attached to other elves, Some were connected to this strange instrument and singing (as some of there voices were filtered) to make strange sounds, and were sawing there bodies, which also created sound.. Then there was a sound of a drum “Boof!” then symbols crashing and getting louder, around the walls of the city were large drums. And were moved according groups of elves, in a sort of like bubble cages, which moved inside, dancing which caused the cages to move up and down. When the cages moved up and down, this levered a large drumstick, attached to a set of large silver gears, which the leaver moved like a steam engine bar, which caused the drum stick to move so, hitting the drum… The It sort of made like a trance/dance beat, it sounded like trance/dance music or modern earth, and the beat adopted by native Americans, While we were singing we danced and splashed around hugged, kissed and licked the syrup of our bodies, laughing…as the music went from sad and slow to fast and happy, this went on, and on, until I dropped from exhaustion and fell asleep on the bodies six elves who were already in Dreamland level 2.

When I woke up I found myself in my bed, sleeping, and damp, and smelling a bit from mud... and there was my stuff beside the bed and the camera was on the pillow. When I turned it on, I saw a bad photo shot of the place where I think I was in the forest where the crazy dream started... Downloaded the photo on my PC which was large, and when i set it to its real size, it was a photo of an elf.. Climbing out of the mud... I stared at it... closer, and discovered it was me.. So I cut it out and set it to the centre of the screen, the photo looked as it was taken in a hurry...

Then when i went outside, on the floor of the porch was written in mud finely by some sharp twig or something...

"I am sorry my Elvin friend, that you cannot remember all, but one day you will know it all, the Queen of elves was to afraid you be used by humans to find us and kill you ... but i have to go for now, I will see you again, I love you lots and I am always watching you, and will come when you alone and need help, and study the humans carefully, Love and kisses Adaron Enayla"

[[Please note that this story is a combination of fact (things that were real and actually happened) and fiction (things that were not real and only happened in my imagination)]]



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