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A photoshoped mock-up Apple's OSX El Capitan OSX operating system banner wallpaper. I had done this because of the way Apple has gone downhill with its GUI design adopting the Flat design concepts of Facebook, whom Google and Microsoft adopted. I cant stand working in a flat GUI environment. Windows 10 to be honest is actually worse than El Capitan. Since I have migrated to Mac, I felt it to be more convenient to to express myself, in protest of the horrible flat design. El Capitan not only is awful because of OSX's adoption of flat design. There is some issues to getting your previous programs to run properly, and would often require one to update their programs. In some cases it might mean in buying newer versions if they don't offer free upgrades, which is the case with most advanced art software, such as Poser, Photoshop, Vue, 3D Studio Max, Maya etc. In some cases some software don't have updates, because they are no longer made, and don't run or work well in El Capitan. Windows has the same or similar issues, even worse because of the removal of some basic essential stock programs, and features. These program issues to me are personally secondary compared to the flat design which inhibits my cognitive responses and use with operating system GUI. It is annoying that iOS also has the flat design which is strangely circumvented a bit by using your preferred phone/tablet external cover, and does not effect me to much as flat design being forced on a desktop/laptop system. It is annoying that most websites are also adopting this flat design, but it helps neutralize it when your OS, and its windows and features have skeumorphism. however there is hope in the future that flat design will eventually die, but how long is another story altogether. I give-take an estimate  max-min of 10 years.







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