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I done this photo as promised for Sandra who has been a friend of mine since 1998. And Zana the elfy received the card . The jewellery I am wearing is an elf crystal which i made and gave to several friends across the world and South Africa. I have one crystal left...

We met each other since both of us are fans of Dana International. She is a wonderful multi-talented friend in art as well as music, however she seems to focus more on her music. She hasn't decided to join deviantArt yet due to the fact she is so busy with exams and concerts. Here is Sandra's Dana website [link]
The drawing is what she drew of Dana International, some of her art is also on her website including some old artworks i done for her.

I am glad I got it since she did send me other cards in the post and they got lost, I had to produce my ID at post office when receiving this card.

Sandra is one of the oldest friend I had on the web and we been for friends over 10 years now, and will visit here when I do move out or go out of SA sometime.



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