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This is the photo taken by my elvin friend I met in the Elvin Tunnel System.

Shalom There
Still feeling hurt and all I decided to do some art which is based in

space in another universe, however I have not finished it as my

parents, especially my father was upsetting me. he said he wants me to

help him with the electrical installations of some Christian camp place

outside Pietermaritzburg and while doing the artwork, i overheard him

speaking with my mum... " I am too embarrassed top bring that thing

along and it help me, i was even embarrassed when it came with me to

help me with the computers at the technicon." Apparently if that's the

thanks he gives me for helping him do his computer stuff, and getting

things done on virus infected computers on Umfolozi Campass, he can go

stuff it. I told him if he treat me as his daughter shit wont happen,

but he ignores, well I cant blame it that if they so called brought me

into this planet, I dought it, since the more I discover things the

more I don't belong to them. He came to me i told him what i heard, he

got mad an threatened to hit me, and called me a piece of shit that

cant do anything. I just got out of the house and went for a walk into

the forest. So I am sorry i could not finish the artwork. I got it

from all sides, in town, on the internet and as well at home. So i did

not want to go online as i am still chilling down, self healing and

staying at home isn't working. So I decided to take a walk into the

forest. Not the forest outside the house, the big one. Went there,

bypassed some municipality people setting up the stage show for the

Forest Noel (A typical event in Eshowe that happens on Christmas if

weather permitting, which is a Christmas play set in the forest).

I carried on walking, and i went off the foot path and took an

adventure where i wont bump into people, and I found a tree, which had

a wooden entrance which appeared to be a doorway. I started at it,

knocked at it, nothing happened. Eventually the Elvin instinct inside me

thought of a beat, knocked on it with that beat, and the door opened. It

was dark inside, and i climbed in. I felt an unusual thing of shrinking

and returning to normal size while I entered the tree. The floor had

openings, tunnels. I crawled through one of the tunnels, these were

tunnels created by the forest elves themselves. I never saw any elves

until later, who took a photo of me, and helped me through the forest

tunnel system back out again. I cant tell more what happened since its

very secret. But she was was happy to see me, but she was so

beautiful, and her hair was decorated with ferns that grew out

in-between her hair strands. She did not want her photo taken. We spent

time together for a long time giving each other love, intimacy, sensual

interaction and warmth within the Elvin tunnels was the healing I could

get, we could see tourists walk past without noticing us, and threw

pieces of wood at them, teasing them. One was a German family of

tourists, a man, two girls, two boys and his wife. The tunnels are

apparently invisible from the outside, but we could peep through the

holes and as well throw things out at the tourists. Then my friend who

wishes not me to tell her name, since she says she is an important elf,

and needs to be in hiding in the Elvin sections of the planet, and look

after nature. She told me to dress up and showed me a gateway, this

gateway, can magically transport elves only through space and time, its

a triangle shaped structure by two trees. She never told me how to use

it to travel through time, but only to sections of the forest. She

kissed me and held me tight, and wished me good bye and she is waiting

to see me again, and pushed me through the gateway. I ended up falling

in front of those tourists out of nowhere... as they were on my mind,

and the gateway knew this and so magically transported me to them...

They were surprised, I told them to go into the tree, and they thought I

was mad. I showed them the photos of tunnels...they were stunned, and I

wished them farewell, and walked to find the gateway again, this time i

appeared on the boardwalk, it teleported me past the paying

booth/building onto the platform, and I appeared next to two old German

tourists taking photos, and i took one to, greeted, stepped back where

I came from, and appeared in front of that family again out of thin


Who were walking to the "gateway"... but they did not know how to use

it, to them its just two entangled trees forming a triangle shaped

I had an adventure, so I show you photos of my adventure.
Gone back to finish the artwork, and once i upload it will catch up on

things on deviantart..

Love and hugs
Your elfy on deviantart.

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