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  Done this with the text placed on it, since people did not seem to understand the meaning of this, that the artist created it with research on the Tara's and connecting it with themselves to complete a story of philosophy, or spirituality depending on how you look at it.

The important things to life and having your consciousness work on a healthy quantum level without oppression, conformity and orders using fear, abuse, discrimination and the lack of understanding, compassion and communication, Is True Love, with Understanding and Compassion, tenderness and Beauty.

Zana Tara Elfies::
Tara = A Female Bhuddah,
A compassionate non conformist helping people see themselves out of pain and conformity and self destruction, illusions, lies and deceit from policies and systems of binary thinking( that is following a set of rules rather living accordance to her true design and purpose). She is a quantum thinker where her consciousness is on Love, Compassion, and Understanding, besides that she is sensual and tantric. A navigator from the stars.

Green Tara =
When she regenerates she will be in her true female form, she dislikes censorship, pain agony destruction, helps people out of there ignorance by giving insight, through creativity and art.

Did you know that the Green Tara has a Transgender story to her ?

White Tara =
Of True consciousness with all her senses connecting and seeing as if she had seven eyes, following the concept of "The eyes of the truth are always watching".. acting as a bridge towards the age of paradism, reflecting the messages of the Maitreya towards the the future where people would live as long as they want progressing on there consciousnesses.




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