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Personal Live art where I imagine myself to be with someone, take photo's and use the magic of Photoshop to make the dream and imagination come a reality of evidence.


Here I took a few photos of myself in Elvin form, I did get some assistance by some fairies, however they were to shy to be in the photos, they just held the camera for me.
The day, well I was alone at home, no one was around, and I thought I would finish off my Elvin experience scene and render it, but I heard the dogs barking at the forest.
It was an friend I had not seen for a long time, an Elvin friend, who was a tree elf called Adaron. Remember her?
Well she came up to the house dripping in mud, screaming my name out with joy, I came rushing outside to meet her, she ran to me with her arms open, and we collided together in each others arms and gave each other a long kiss. I told her she must wash up before coming into the house, and she let me know I am in my true Elvin form.
She took all my clothes off and drew on my body and tickled me at the same time once we were in the house. She had never been in human house before, and felt sorry for me that I am living with humans.
And gave me a hug, two fairies came in through the window and tickled our ears, and one picked up the camera so she could take photos of me so I can show the world what I look like in my Elvin form around the elves.

We watched TV and played with each other and sang with songs I have on my computer, when she saw some web cam photos of myself with green skin, she offered to turn my skin green, as she prefers green skin. And she took photos of me in my green skin, it was so fun. Then we played in the garden and was very sensual, we became sweaty and her skin produced lots of oil, and her magic made mine also.

She then invited me to her house, and she offered me to stay the night in her home.
She took a few photos of me in my wet oily skin, and then we gave the camera to a fairy who took some photos of the forest which I am not allowed to show you, but will use what I saw in my artwork.
We finally reached her house which was in the middle of the swamplands within the forest, the trees here were most unusual, the way they had grown was so unique. What was so unique about them was that the branches and leaves had grown and weaved themselves together like a basket, sealing warm air inside. It was much hotter, wetter, stickier in the home than in the swamplands in the forest. The typical conditions for a mud elf and most elves, however some elves are like humans who prefer dryness. Humans would find the conditions unbearable. The house roof was kind of low, so one had to crawl around in the many rooms. She said this was not the inside of her house, but merely the entrance. The way to get in the house was let it pull us in through the mud, and to get in we would have to wait for the house... The house is a living creature. While we were waiting we played and kissed in the mud, then I felt tentacles like earthworms come out of the mud and wrap around us and into us while we were in our height of intimacy, at this time the sun had already set, and the fireflies were out and flowed out of the mud, and fairies too, lots of them, I never known so many to be in the forest. Once we were pulled in the house walls were organic, and pulsing, and glowing, it felt if I was in some fat, deformed earthworm. I saw many other elves here too, and the way they came in and out, was like how earthworm feeds. The house is a giant worm. Here I got to meet many elves, and we ended up all falling asleep laying on top of each other... then when I woke up I found myself lying in the garden... not knowing if I will meet my friend again, I am sure I would. I do see her eyes glowing from the forest at night and I know she wants to come, she is waiting for me to be alone again and take me into her home again.
Its so amazing to see that all Elvin things they make are living and alive and magical, they don’t destroy something to build something dead, yet, if they have to occupy some space, they create an alternative for the environment where the Earth, and its creature live in harmony with the elves so well, that they exist without being noticed, amazing. If you look at an unusual large tree hard enough, you will probably see an elf lying on it, or it could be a doorway into an Elvin home and you can open the door by having certain thoughts on your mind, thoughts of love and touching the tree in a specific way.


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