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I decided to do this photo manipulation piece to express my thoughts on a website I stumbled across the web. They claim they are the Illuminati, and they sell books and shit and claim they are the ones to save humanity from shit such as extinction, self destruction and so on, when they don't realize that they themselves are part of the problem. The thing is people have a tendency to blame people for for doing evil things, but don't understand that it is circumstances, events and things that make people do things that are evil. These things may be money, greed, power, religion, belief and war. The three evil twins that rely on each other to keep their cycle of death in motion is Money, Religion and War. It is these three evil twins that will lead humanity to its demise, extinction and self destruction. The more they continue, the harder it is to break out from and evolve out of it, and hatch out of the cosmic egg, and become a space faring nation and become part of the galactic community and the entire infinite universe as a whole, exploring, creating, enjoying life and being with infinite adventure and possibilities.


I am going to give some examples, first myself, and then secondly WW2 and Hitler. A personal perspective , and the perspective of the planet as a whole , and that WW2 could have been averted.


With myself I had been born intersexed, this did not go well with my parents who strongly believe in their religion and their belief of an existence of a god. They believed the way I was born was the doing of Satan and his demons, and they believed the operation of choose the gender they wanted me to be, would be correcting the "devil's manipulation with God's creation". Growing up was difficult knowing that I was different, and this difference , and expressing my feelings in exploring my difference was restricted with punishment and threats of "burning in hell". Then getting a visit from an extraterrestrial third parent was enough to give me my own free will and personality back. When choosing my own gender role, it was shunned and had been punished, as well had exorcisms enforced on me by my parent's church, which eventually lead me through several suicide attempts, where one of them was jumping out of the third story window , of my parent's house and broke my back, where they covered up the evidence to the police that I had fell from the window, while given the chore of cleaning the windows. Things were kept secret from me up to the age of 29, where I had a brake down and I reacted to people and got banned from several websites , particularly by an artist who did intersexed characters while trying to express myself in overcoming this incident. No one really understood or cared, and just loved to ban me for no reason. The reason why my parents did what they did, was they believed they were right and saw no evil in their ways, because of religion and their belief in a god. There are so much terrible things people do to other people because of this belief, such as Islamic State for example.


Then looking at WW2, which could have been averted. Before WW1 Hitler was an artist who wished to continue and develop his skill and talent at an Art College. Before WW1 money was tight and there was a great divide between the have's and the have nots. So the college was selective and and would only take in the rich and those who can afford the education. Most of the rich at the time were Jewish bankers (you can see where the hatred started, and the genocide).  Hitler was refused and all his plans in life and hopes of being an artist were squashed. This angered him, and out of desperation to get money to live, he sold himself to the military and joined the army and ended up fighting in WW1. When he killed his first man, his consciousness died and slowly he evolved to be the tyrant he was known as ranking up military positions and becoming involved with politics after WW1, and was involved with creating the National Scocialist Party , aka NAZI political party, making promises to restore wealth to the German people, which is how he got their vote and support, because money was an issue , and a lack of money gave people hardships. Hitler was a theist, and believed in a God and considered himself to be Catholic, this gave the ones (secret societies [industrial military complex] including the ones who call themselves illuminati) behind the Catholic Church and the Pope an opportunity to use him as a political puppet, to sponge wealth and money from, using the rich Jews as bait or reason to start it. Hitler also first attended the Vril society, prior his move into the military, where its members hoped for the Age of Aquarius to arise out of the times of hardship and the bondage of money, and they believed Hitler would do this. Hitler when he became Führer he exploited the very people that helped him, hoping that he would make Germany rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, this can be seen when the Flying Disks (known as the NAZI UFOs) invented and designed by Maria Orisc, hoping they would benefit the German people, were weaponized by Hitler for the military effort which he would use in hope to win the War, since he had planned drop a nuclear weapon using the flying saucer. He was stopped by the nick of time by the Allied Forces. The question is one would think this technology be used after the war to benefit the people, but not so because the technology was green, and it would destroy the fossil fuel industry, so Money prevented the use of this technology, and had been burried and hidden in secret military projects which were improved on after the Roswell Crash, which gave rise to Area 51. Hitler also got scientists of the Vril society to work on building a fusion reactor and a warp drive with the "Nazi Bell". Hitler not just only wished to conquer the planet out of military force, he had his eyes to the stars, and would attack and invade other worlds.


Talking about suppressed technology in favor of money and war was Nikola Tesla. I had my arguments with this Illuminati about money in regards to Tesla. Yes Tesla if he were accepted and his inventions favored instead of money, money would not exist on this planet today. He wanted to provide a free supply of energy world-wide. JP Morgan did not like this, he was afraid of losing his wealth, ignorant and not knowing that Tesla would give wealth freedom to every citizen of the planet , which would include him as well. JP Morgan squashed Tesla. This Illuminati denies this , and caused the censorship of my posts on Google+ and eventually being blocked. Then I moved to twitter , angry and pissed off that they would blindly choose money over their own future I tried to communicate with, but got blocked , unfreinded and hated.

Kind of like this when I showed the Evidence of Germanwings being shot down by a US Laser...


Which inspires me to fucking talk Urban Mantra Style, because it is the only thing people would take notice of you when they ignore you, is to fucking swear your fucking arse off.


All because I disagree with their ideologies about money, belief, and their belief in a god/higher power, which so much is close to Scientology that one would begin to think if they themselves are in Scientology. (Noticed Scientology associations in the side bar on Twitter).


Which lead me to do this blog post, but they are so stuck-up in their belief and fears of dishonoring and questioning their "Lam" who is nothing but a false prophet or some dick-wad that believes they are the one... Reinforcing the idea of exploiting people for money and as human capital.



Always question , always think, always feel


If your questions are not answered

Given the Door or the Boot

Then the truth is hidden and concealed

The truth is uglier than what you believe

Its about business not helping society

Like been given the piss without the courtesy of calling it rain.


They reacted badly when I mentioned Lam is ignorant about money, the belief in a god for starters. I had confronted them on on the basis of my concerns that their ideologies are the very things that destroy the planet, and your future, and their own future. There response is not to good for the interaction with an interstellar contact. They claim they want contact, but they block the contact, they refuse the contact and then they deny the contact, but wish to make contact.


This is my blog which I had done to try and explain about money, and Paradism is the only way forward for a thriving future. This illuminati is building a dystopian future, with the illusion of it being utopian.

How Money, Religion, Violence effected my life.
I have decided to do this brief blog, to explain myself why these things have effected my life, how they have caused PTSD and how I react to people, when people don't understand what I am trying to say. I am going to keep this simple into the point and avoid it becoming a biography or essay, in other words TL;DR.There is a lot more , but i just select events that i can remember.

1) Money.
I dislike money and how the planet made this virtual commodity more important than life itself, the resources the planet provides , and the ecology of the planet. I had been born with both genders, had forced surgery done to me to the gender at the wishes of my parents. When i told them I wish to be the opposite to the gender of their wish, they declined on the basis of religious beliefs and the cost of having it done. When I was raped at a night club in South Africa , I went t hospital. They do not have an NHS like in UK, they have medical insurance like the USA, but call it Medical Aid. I had to call my parents who lived in another town 100kms away, so they could get the medical insurance monies sorted, and took over an hour before getting treatment, and be seen by a nurse before even thinking about getting treatment by a doctor later on in the evening. While I was waiting, people injured from street violence, muggings etc with stab wounds and gashes were waiting in the area. Because South Africa had high poverty, not many can afford medical aid/insurance. They had to produce cash or credit cards. Even so those who were mugged victims may have lost cash/credit cards in the violent incidence. They were told to wait for paying patients to get treated first , and if no more patents that had cash/credit cards/medical aid/insurance, they get treatment. Obviously they had none of these. I saw them bleed to death while I was waiting to get treatment for my rape. Their dead bodies were dragged out to the morgue. Now I am in the UK, and on the NHS, was moving forward, Now with government does cuts to NHS, I have been put aside and given excuses and have been delaying the operation, because the government believes saving money for UK's military , is more important than my life, and the lives of others.

2) Religion
As you know as above I had been born with both genders. The reason why forced surgery was done on me was because of the belief of my parents. They believed the devil caused this, and they were correcting God's creation. Throughout my childhood, I had been bombard with indoctrination about the Christianity, and been through several cults and versions of it, when my parents moved from one church to another. I had been forced into a Christian school , where indoctrination did not end at home. First day at the school I got punished, by being beaten by the school staff and headmaster because I asked to many questions and did not conform. I am glad i did my thinking and analyzing, and with the help of being visited by an extraterrestrial third parent I broke free from these beliefs. I would have ended up like my brother who now is a teacher of one of these schools. Though knowing what I learned from the extraterrestrial, made life more understandable and easier in some ways, but harder when when having to confront conformity everyday. My parents would often try get pastors and ministers to perform exorcisms on me, this has caused a lot of my mental problems and how I relate to people.

3) Violence.
I have encountered a lot of violence, especially in the form of punishment when I did not comply to the religious beliefs of my parents and primary school, and even the church I had been forced to attend. I had experienced violence at high-school which was not part of this Christian school thing, but was a normal school. I encountered violence because of being different in many ways, with the obvious being my intersexed issues. I was seen as alien. The violence was bullying, being beaten up, and forced into smoking cigarettes, which was the alternative to being beaten up, At university , one night when accessing the computers (laptops were expensive, and tablets, smart phones did not exist at the time). I was stabbed in the leg for what little money I had, cheap mobile phone brick, and a pack of floppy disks, in a woolen pouch made by my only friend at the time who understood me on campus, where we used to meet and feed the stray cats in the evening. I had been threatened to be have being shot, because my student residence window faced an alleyway where mini bus taxi diver drug dealers, parked and cleaned their AK-47 rifles. , because their money earned by drugs was more important than my life. I told them i don't see anything., they left me alone with their threats. When riding my bike through town one night. There was a shooting between rival taxi gangs. I happened to be pass through at the wrong time, and they started firing their AK-47s at me for no reason. The bullets missed me, perhaps it is because they were too high.


No response... only static and white noise... as if their heads were stuck in the soil... hence the idea of the photo manipulation work. They don't wish to see that their ideology would take the future away from every single human being on this planet.


Here is some things about money , and why god does not exist... which falls on deaf ears, people would rather stick their head, in the sand and deny that god does not exist, and deny that Pardism would save the world... when there obvious is all around them. Which is why their heads are stuck in the sand.







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