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In short planet Earth's government consists of banana republics and coconut kingdoms. Thanks to wikileaks it exposes the nincompoops,
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Very often the majority of people live in a society, that is a prison, on planet Earth, wake up, catch the bus, go to work, come home, eat chips, everyday, having no time to create, be themselves, invent, and give new ideas to help make life better for all. Slowly, information and freedoms, resources and needs get taken away by a selected few out of greed, in ratio to the growing population needs. The matrix is not how many conspiracy theorists assume it to be, the concept from the movie illustrates the system that is used to control society, without allowing people to think and create there own ideas but to work as slaves for the few who have currency and money. What ever choice you make to protest or forget, democracy in action is enforced, in the illusion that is fair and democratic, when it is not. The only way to change is to wake up and do something, and to take risks and sacrifices, so that others can be helped, and realize the system has made them slaves, not creative contributors to humanity. Julian Assange of Wikileaks who stayed in a room above me and called himself "The Doctor" and knows that my painting of Anananiah is an Extra Terrestrial without asking, he just said she is, had taken risks, and helped transparency and evolution of society through information, for it is conformity, censorship is what creates ignorance, hatred and war. without Wikileaks war would be more prominent or even the third world war could have happened, but now he is in custody, and people are choosing to forget, and calculating conspiracy theories which are not true, which is basically what the government, military want. So It develops the situation that there is need for a sooner "First Encounter" from Elohim/extra terrestrials, especially the ones that created humanity on this planet([link]) the Designers(A team of Artists and Scientists), to help people would wake up and remember out of compassion and Love , remember not to forget who we are , where we come from and why we, For when the event comes, that People learn Love, Compassion, Understanding and Tenderness, and it can be considered a point in History that humanity can consider the event as being lucky, lucky to get this chance of help, as if Nothing happens and if humanity negatively attacks the First Encounter through war.. I don't know, I do not wish to think about it and I do not wish to be hear on this planet if it should happen.



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