The Scars




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The Scars

When one is cut up literally and figuratively
The scars always remain…
They are evidence of the truth of past  pain,
Trauma itself is an emotional scar that always remains.

The day I had been born, something not considered normal
Besides been born blue, I had been born with two... genders(both...);
This had been done so discretely and so secretly.
Concealed from me for these years, a mystery which I had always felt.
From feelings, to conspiracies to evidence to fact.
Why did they enforce there choice on me when I decide for my own life ?
Was mutilated at birth, the scars remain.

I have tried to explain myself, the need to be.
Can you not see what I feel and think?
Every where I go the continuous battle of society
Trying to run my life , where all I want is to create.
Burned art, censored art, conformed false vocations
Enforced control on me for disillusioned expectations
Was driven to insanity, I had cut my arms, the scars remain.

Neglected, rejected , abused, raped and torn apart.
To the extent of been driven to insanity and loss of self
Loss of well being, loss of entity loss of trust, loss of confidence.
Why do they do this to me? This is my life not yours or theirs.
Was driven to insanity, broken my back, the scar remains.

Every where I go I gather emotional scars, that scar my mind.
I have lost hope and trust in humanity, on what they done to me.
From this I have learned that there is no such thing as tough love.
Random taunts, random discrimination, random rejection.
My heart is torn, it may be mended, but the scars remain.




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