The Arrival : Sunderland Print Series




This series is meant to have little description as possible on outside websites, and the artwork is meant to tell the story. Contains elements of the past, present and the future of Sunderland.  The spoiler is that it is not an "alien invasion" but the arrival of extraterrestrials regardless if the Elohim Embassy is constructed or not, to integrate and assist humanity, to prevent its extinction, since observing humanity as a global suicide became unbearable to watch.


It is a study to investigate on how many people would perceive it as an "alien invasion" or a warm welcoming from the Star People/Elohim.



The Arrival: Alternate Reality:Mono-print


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The Arrival 2: "Looks like my ship came in":Mono-print


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he Arrival 3: "They are not from an Empire":Mono-print


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