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copied and backed up from http://zananeichan.deviantart.com/art/DNA-For-All-Obj-File-116680573

DNA for all by Zana Elfy Ting Ting (zananeichan.deviantart.com)

Compiled in 3D Studio Max,
Exported as an .obj, that is supported in most applications.
3DS Max, Poser, DAZ Studio, Blender, and etc..

Not knowing how to import ?
Just select the Import menu of your application..
Make sure the mtl file is in same folder as .obj
The mtl can be edited, this is the colour of the model.
Import, select the things you want (sometimes for quality vs performance needs to be played with).

Most of all Have fun, You are free to modify, play with do what ever...
But please not use it to hurt or harm anyone or do work that is of violence.

In 3DMax you can change colours of bonds, but not in other programs like poser.
Molecules are not accurate arrangements, done merely for artistic purposes.
But Molecules are grouped in Nucleotides, so if you change an sub molecule's colour
The colour will change elsewhere on molecule at same time indicating that its of same composition.

The colours are standard at first load and you would have to change them accordingly for accuracy
or artistic pleasure. Please take note the nucleotides are separated by sub molecules of the
colour pinkish red.

Lots of LOVE and hugs and kisses
Have a ball...

Zana E.L.F.




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